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SmartShare & SmartShare Beam overview

  • Connectivity
  • File/media transfer (pictures,music, etc...)
  • Operation
  • Cell Phones, LG Friends, Tablets


Steps to utilize SmartShare (SmartShare Beam)



function Function


            SmartShare is a function that connects nearby devices or transmits multimedia files (images,

             audios, or videos) to or from your phone.


         As SmartShare starts running, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi will turn on automatically to  search for devices

            and device selected will be connected.
Connectable Playing Service: DLNA (Wi-Fi), Miracast (Wi-Fi Direct), Bluetooth Headset

               (BT A2DP), Bluetooth Speaker(BT A2DP), etc.
Connectable Transmitting Service (SmartShare Beam): Wi-Fi Direct Send/Bluetooth OPP

               (object push profile) connectable devices.


         Supported models: G2, G3, G3 beat, G flex, G flex2, etc.


         Check points for connection error: 
Depending on network condition, the Wi-Fi Direct may fail to connect Wi-Fi due to its special

               You may have to try a few times and check the Wi-Fi Direct setting as well as the pairing

               device’s Wi-Fi condition. 
             - For the Beam, check the Beam setting of pairing device and try to reboot

how to setup How to setup


         ■ How to setup SmartShare

                1. Click [SmartShare] at the top.

                2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will be automatically enabled as connection popup starts.

                3. When the list of devices shows up, select a device you wish to connect.

                4. Move onto the Beam tap and select a device to receive.


                 how to setup smartshare


           How to setup SmartShare Beam

               1. Enable SmartShare Beam setting on device you wish to connect to by switching it “ON”.

               2. Click [Share] at the top, then click [SmartShare Beam] at the bottom.

               3. Select the device from the searched device and tap it.


                 how to setup smartshare beam

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