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Still receiving calls and alarms in silent mode

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Still receiving calls and alarms despite phone in silent mode



symptom Symptom


              Although silent mode option selected on the smartphone, I am still receiving incoming calls

              or alarms regardless.



how to fix How to fix


              ※ Silence Incoming Calls or Snooze or Stop Alarm may not be available on your phone.


              1. When Silence Incoming Calls option is checked, calls will be silenced when the phone is

                  flipped upside down. 
                  Activating Snooze or Stop Alarm will also silence alarms and morning calls when you flip

                  the phone upside down.

              2. If you continue facing difficulty with respect to this issue, please contact LG customer

                  service call interaction center at 1-888-542-2623 for technical assistance.  


                  silence incoming call       gesture setting


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