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G3 – Calling options

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[G3] Phone call options



how to use Making phone calls


             1. Tap image to open the keypad.
             2. Enter the number using the keypad. To delete a digit, tap the image.
             3. Tap image to make a call.
             4. To end a call, tap the End icon image .


             TIP! To enter "+" to make international calls, touch and hold image .



how to use Calling a contact


             1 Tap image to open your contacts.
             2 Scroll through the contact list or enter the first few letters of the contact you want to call by tapping
Search contacts.
             3 In the list, tap image you want to call.



How to use Answering or rejecting a call


             When you receive a call in Lock state, swipe the image in any direction to Answer the incoming call.
             Swipe the image in any direction to Decline an incoming call.



how to use Adjusting in-call volume


             To adjust the in-call volume during a call, use the Volume up and down keys on the back side of the phone.



image Making a second call


             1. During your first call, tap Menu key image> Add call and dial the number. You can also go to the recently dialled

                 numbers list by tapping Call logs or can search contacts by tapping Contacts and selecting the contact you

                 want to call. Also, you can search contacts by tapping Favorites or Groups.
             2. Tap imageto make the call.
             3. Both calls are displayed on the call screen. Your initial call is locked and put on hold.
             4. Tap the displayed number to toggle between calls. Or tap image Merge calls to start a conference call.
             5. To end active calls, tap End or tap imageand slide the notification bar down and select the End call iconimage .


                 NOTE: You are charged for each call you make.



how to use Viewing call logs


             On the Home screen, tap imageand choose the Call logs.
             View a complete list of all dialled, received and missed calls.

             TIP! • Tap any call log entry to view the date, time and duration of the call.

                     • Tap the Menu key image, then tap Delete all to delete all the recorded items.



How to use Call settings


             You can configure phone call settings such as call forwarding, as well as other special features offered by your carrier.
             1. On the Home screen, tap image.
             2. Tap image.
             3. Tap Call settings and choose the options that you wish to adjust.


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