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Volume control unresponsive

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Cannot control “Music Flow” volume from Smart Phone



Whenever streaming music from a Smart Phone over to any “Music Flow” speaker configuration

involving either multi-room speaker model NP8740, NP8540, NP8340 or NP8350 as well as

soundbar model LAS750M or LAS650M, customers may experience unresponsive volume control

from the Smart Phone.



Before proceeding to troubleshooting, confirm whether Smart Phone is Android or iOS device. 





The moment “Music Flow Player” app gets to run in the background either on account device locking

up or returned to home screen, the sound volume can be controlled only on a few devices.



     - Volume can be controlled with +/- volume keys on any Lollipop OS Android phone (version 5.x)

       or greater. Unavailable for KitKat OS Android phones (version 4.4.x) or earlier versions.

    2) iOS DEVICES:

     - Volume +/- keys can be used.
       (Speaker volume control on lock screen and alarm screen do not make much difference)





For all else, regrettably, the “Music Flow Player” app must be brought back to foreground of the

Smart Phone in order to adjust the volume.

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