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MR140 Network Bridge

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Installation of a MR140 Wi-Fi Bridge (R1)



A Wi-Fi bridge is designed to expand the range of a wireless Home Network to cover more ground

inside the house and reach all peripherals within in need of wireless connectivity without having to

string Cat-5 cable all over the house.



symptom Symptom


Should the wireless range of the Home Network router prove insufficient for all Music Flow

speakers in the house to connect to it wirelessly in order to share the exact same network

then, installation of one or more bridge may need to be considered.



installation How to connect

             - If a speaker or Network Bridge (R1) is wired to a router, it will provide a greater network

               stability environment with expansion of the signal range to reach farther beyond one access

               point (AP) router’s limitations. Please refer to the following diagram for further information.

Installing a Network Bridge (R1) – Hard wired:


If you are using more than two speakers, it is better to connect a Bridge (R1) to the router with

cable before installing speakers.


Installing a Network Bridge (R1) – Wireless:


If a speaker is too far from a router, connect a speaker to the Network AP router by hardwiring

it with cable and then install a Bridge (R1) between the speakers.

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