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Song’s album art cover missing

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Album art cover of the music file won’t appear on screen


One thing the Digital World has permitted the audio recording industry other than perpetual impeccable

quality playback is the use of embedded metadata for identification purpose. As such, most recorded

songs include paraphernalia of information like song title, artist, song length, album name, genre, year

released, composer and album art cover.


Said metadata, also known as ID tags, prove incredibly useful in managing and organizing one’s digital

music library whenever searching a particular song, creating a playlist, etc. Whenever playing a song on

a peripheral device featuring a screen the song information and sometimes only respective album art

cover gets displayed.




              The album art cover of the song being played on Music Flow speaker configuration won’t

              appear on the screen of Smartphone feeding multimedia file. 



 How to

              Whilst your song is playing you should be able to see further information such as song title,

              artist, album title and album art cover.


              If you cannot see the album artwork image on the Music Flow application but you see it when

              using different devices you should check the setting of the server storing the song. 

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