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“Spotify” streaming service

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Streaming music from Spotify





Spotify is a commercial music streaming, podcast and video service that providing content from record

labels and media companies including BBC, Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal. Music can

be browsed or searched by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label. Paid "Premium" subscriptions

remove advertisements and allow users to download music for offline listening.


Spotify launched in Sweden in October 2008. As of September 15th 2010, the service catered to

approximately 10 million users, including 2.5 million users paying subscription fees. The service

reached 20 million users (5 million paying) by December 2012 and 60 million users (15 million

paying) by January 2015.


Official website:


Subscription fee:

Regular package:     FREE

Premium service: $   9.99 per month


Streaming Quality:

Regular:   MP3  (96 ~ 160 kbps)

Premium: MP3  (320 kbps)





Making use of Spotify streaming service on LG Music Flow speaker assortment.



          Use of Spotify streaming services will require setting up an account with Spotify. Proceed to

          aforementioned official site link from PC or Phone.


          Go to [Setting] > [Account Management] > [Spotify] in Music Flow Player application to activate

          it on your device.


          Once you have completed setting-up and login to Spotify service in the Music Flow Player

          application you can enjoy the service in [Streaming Service] > [Spotify]


          LG Music Flow Speaker supports Spotify Connect feature provided by Spotify. Spotify Services

          use the Spotify application in conjunction with LG Music Flow to connect to your speakers.


          If you ungroup cluster speaker configuration, all of the speakers are displayed again on screen so

          you can enjoy music from respective individual speakers.


          Spotify Connect can be activated and used with Music Flow Speaker in Spotify application when

          user subscribes as a Premium User.

          When Music Flow speakers are drawing from the same Home network router as the Spotify

          application the Speaker shape Icon will change for better identification purposes, and when you

          press this Icon, you can check and select speakers you wish to hear from that same network.

          (Selecting a speaker will have icon change to green.)


          After connecting and selecting Spotify application and speaker configuration, you can utilize

          Music Flow Player application’s basic controls. (It supports Play/Pause/Forward Skip/Backward

          Skip/Volume Control, etc. while other advanced functions can be directly operated and used from

          Spotify application.)


          Group Play is also supported with Spotify Connect method as well as the unique functions of Music

          Flow Speaker such as Group setting can be set through Music Flow Player application. (Speaker

          volume control set as a group is also available from Spotify application.) If you set the speakers as

          a group in Music Flow Player application, only the Main speaker name is displayed in Spotify

          application, but if you select and operate a speaker, you can enjoy Group Play function through the

          speaker set as a group along with selected speaker.


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