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Group Play mode – Involuntary ungrouping

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What causes the ungrouping of speakers on the Group Play mode?





symptom Symptom

- Problem with the Music Flow Group Play function (ungrouping of speakers).


how to fix How to fix

Ungrouping might be caused when:

1. Alarm goes off

Alarm is set separately, so it is designed to automatically ungroup speakers when the alarm

goes off for the convenience of users.

2. Power is switched off

 When the power is switched off, grouped speakers will be ungrouped. You need to regroup

 them if you wish to use the Group Play mode again after switching it back on.

3. Other

Speakers might be ungrouped by a signal interference caused by a problem with the home

Wi-Fi network. When a smart device (e.g. Smart phone or laptop) running the application is

in an unstable Wi-Fi area, please move the device closer to the router and try again.

If all speakers are connected by wireless connection

When the distance between a speaker and the router gets somewhat too far it may cause

ungrouping. Move far away speakers closer to the router and try again.

If a speaker is hardwired to the router and other speakers are added wirelessly

If other speakers are not close enough to the speaker that has the wired connection, install

a Bridge (R1) or another speaker between them to maintain wireless signal continuity.


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