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Screen not turning “on” or “off” properly

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Screen does not turn on or off when it should



symptom Symptom


              Cell phone screen does not turn “on” or “off” properly as it should.



cause Cause


              The smartphone’s proximity sensor gets activated when the cell phone is placed near the ear

              during a call in order to turn the screen “off” during length of the call to avoid user getting potentially

              exposed to extra heat generated by a lit LCD screen.


              This measure was also designed to prevent any phone tactile malfunctions that could be caused

              by the ear rubbing against the screen. When the call has ended and the phone is taken away from

              the face both screen and touch sensor are turned back on.


how to fix How to fix


              1. When the screen turns on during a call or the screen does not turn back on after ending a call,

                  try cleaning the proximity sensor on the front freeing it from dirt

              2. Try to give it a good clean with a soft cloth.


               clean sensor


              ※ Protective films and cell phone cases manufactured by third parties may also cause

                   the proximity sensor to malfunction.


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