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[G4] Quiet Mode feature

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Quiet Mode settings overview



image Quiet Mode feature overview


             Starting from the Lollipop OS version update you can now use the interruption slider to control

             notification alert volume. 
             To receive notifications, set the option to Priority mode. For the opposite, you won’t receive any

             notifications in “No interruption” mode.





image How to use

            1. Go to Settings Sound & notification Interruptions Calls and notification to select

                which type of notifications you will allow to interrupt: 

                (All interruptions / Priority only / No interruptions) You can also control this from the notification

                bar toggling between options by keep tapping respective icon.

            2. If you choose All Interruptions, you will receive all notifications with sound or vibrations based

                on your settings.


            3. When Priority Only mode is chosen, only notifications from selected apps will appear. 

            4. To receive certain messages or incoming calls, go to Settings Sound & notification Interruptions

                Priority only. For example, set calls and message to have priority and allow the notifications only

                from saved contacts. 
                You will know with a sound or vibration when you receive calls or messages from saved contacts.

            5. In “No Interruption” mode, all notifications will be silent. You cannot change sound or vibration

                settings when “No Interruption” mode is enabled.


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