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Picture Quality – Color

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When black & white televisions began to hit the marketplace, the movie theatre industry didn’t see

it as a threat being that only a handful could afford the product. In the ‘50s whereas mass production

started pumping out volume it was a different story and theatres sought at keeping a step ahead by

innovating. One such stroke of genius was the introduction of color movies.


Of course, it didn’t take long for the television camp to follow suit. Four major networks each presented

the FCC their version of a color television prototype all different one from the other. Needless to say the

FCC was not impressed and quickly sent them packing instructing them to work together on one single



Ironically, the idea of adding colors to black & white TV broadcasts couldn’t be farther from the actual

requirements. One engineer dared question and suggest the not so obvious. Why not extract colors from

the original black & white and recompose?


Understanding that pure light is composed of all existing colors at their full saturation and the moment light

is refracted, by rain droplets for example, a rainbow of color fills the sky. Ever noticed how the colors in a

rainbow are always in the same order?



Did you know that the human retina at the back of our eyes is photosensitive to ONLY three (3) colors:

red, green & blue? Limitless shades of each three colors multiplied between themselves account for

every possible potential natural existing color in the universe.


And that’s exactly how color was introduced to the television broadcasting system, by extracting the

blue then the red from the original black & white then recomposing all three versions by superimposing

them into one single colorful image.



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