Air conditioner buying guide

LG air conditioner buying guide

Need a new air conditioner but unsure how to get started on your search? Here, we offer you an extensive guide for getting you toward the ideal LG air conditioner for you. From Split to Window, we’ll help you choose the one most suited for your lifestyle.

In the middle of the left window with a snowy landscape and the right window with a warm feeling of wood, warm wind comes out of the air conditioner.

Which type of air conditioner is right for you?

LG air conditioners offer a range of features to keep your home refreshed all Weather. Our products will be sure to deliver optimal air conditioning technology.The Two types to choose from are as follows:


The cooling process of a Split air conditioner uses an indoor and outdoor unit system. It is a typical choice for residential units or small commercial spaces.

Window type

Built to fit your window frame, LG Window air conditioners offer stellar durability and performance with their modern panel design.

Mini Split
Window Type

How to choose the right size air conditioner for your home

You must consider size of the air conditioner before selecting the perfect air conditioner for your place. By size, we do not mean the physical size of the system. Size here means the cooling capacity of your air conditioning unit. When an air conditioner is oversized relative to its surroundings, it can cause constant on/off sequences that result in either overheating or overcooling. When this happens, you’ll have hot spots throughout your home. This can leave some rooms cool, and others hot and humid. In contrast, air conditioners that are too small run for too long trying to reach your desired temperature. First, when choosing the right size air conditioner for your home, the most vital information you need is the size of the space to cool. You need to calculate the size of the room to decide on the ideal air conditioner capacity. Second, you need to understand how much cooling/heating is needed for the space. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, a measurement of how much energy an air conditioner consumes to eliminate heat from your place within an hour. Correct BTU calculation ensures that the air conditioner will provide efficient cooling without piling up on your electricity bill. However, this calculation doesn’t stand true in every case because we didn’t take the ceiling height, number of windows and other such aspects into account. In case you get confused with calculations, seek help from a professional. They will analyze your place and will recommend you an appropriate air conditioner size.

Your guide to accurate installation

It is advisable to entrust a professional technician to install your air conditioner. Such an expert will set the ideal environment to ensure optimal air conditioner usage.

Before reaching out for help with installation, however, there are basic conditions you should make sure your chosen air conditioner type and its environment meet.

The repairman is repairing the air conditioner.


Split air conditioners can be installed on any wall, it is recommended to maintain the proper distance suggested by the manufacturer, for efficient operations, noise, and reliability.

Window type

Since Window air conditioners rely on a power source to operate, heed the distance between the window and the nearest outlet. A certified technician should attend to parts that call for secure wiring.

Mini Split
Window Type


Once you've nailed down the appropriate type of air conditioner that fits your space and needs, it's time to examine features offered exclusively by LG.

Get cool faster with DUAL inverter compressor

A compressor is at the heart of an air conditioner, which means having to fuss about its operations, effectiveness, or noise can be stressful and expensive. Among LG’s range of technologically advanced air conditioner offering is the LG DUAL Inverter Compressor air conditioner unit, which relieves you of such concerns. LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor is topped with technology that distributes cool air speedily. Since it cools the air conditioner rapidly, you can enjoy prompt, comfortable cooling. Moreover, its consistent cooling and heating features are accompanied by reduced noise levels in addition to efficient, minimized energy spending.

Energy efficiency that's worth your time

Click below for energy efficient practices to save on power bills and our planet

Enjoy a new level of fresh air

Comprised of four thorough steps to trap and get rid of both big and ultra-fine dust, as well as bacteria, allergens, and the like, LG's Complete System for Aircare is a surefire way to freshen up your space.

*The filters configured by country are different.

Simple, easy control

Stay connected to your air conditioner regardless of your location through the ThinQ app. The smart LG ThinQ application connects remotely to ThinQ-compatible appliances, enabling you to keep tabs on how your devices are running even from outside your household premises. From virtually anywhere, maintain control over your air conditioner by turning it on/off with a simple tap. In addition, you can adjust temperatures, fan speed, and other such settings straight from your smartphone or tablet.

*ThinQ functionality may vary by country and product.

Effective heating solution

Gone are the days of waiting around for your heater to warm up, or for your air conditioner to cool your environment. LG Air Conditioners satisfy your heating needs while consuming less energy, by heating a wider space in a shorter period of time to create a warm and comfortable living environment. In addition to providing powerful, fast heating, their air circulates and distributes evenly, allowing the entirety of your space to be kept warm.

Safety against voltage fluctuations

LG air conditioners withstand rough voltage fluctuations without breaking down the way conventional air conditioners tend to. Boasting a significantly broader operational range, the retain stellar functionality even with voltage variations.

*If Voltage Fluctuation beyond 120V to 290V then Stabilizer is required.
*The voltage at which the product operated normally as intended behavior is within ±15% of the rated voltage (Guaranteed Voltage). Continuous operation is possible in the voltage range of ±15% or more, but the product's performance may be degraded.

Ocean Black Fin

Ocean black fin

LG DUALCOOL ACs comes with Ocean Black Fin to offer unbeatable protection against dust, smoke and chemicals presents in environment and also offers protection against fin corrosion which in return provide better cooling and cost saving.

*Ocean Black Fin are available in the Outdoor Unit of Split Air Conditioner.

Less noise

Appliances shouldn't get in the way of stillness. LG Inverter air conditioners equipped with quality components and compressors operate at low speeds, producing less noise than non-inverter air conditioners as a result. With such air conditioners that perform exceptionally without disturbing your peace, you can fully relax without missing out on either appliance quality or performance.

Air conditioner FAQ


What is a suitable temperature setting for my air conditioner?


When you turn on the air conditioner for the first time, set it to a low temperature and use a strong wind setting to quickly lower the temperature in the room. Once your room has cooled sufficiently, 25℃ is the optimal temperature to maintain a cool house and save energy.


What is the difference between an inverter air conditioner and a non-inverter air conditioner?


Inverter air conditioners operate more efficiently than non-inverter air conditioners. Non-inverter air conditioners have compressors spinning at the same speed regardless of temperature, turning off when the desired temperature is reached and turning on again when the temperature rises. Inverter air conditioners operate by adjusting the compressor faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures, which means they save more energy than non-inverter air conditioners and enable faster cooling and quieter operation.


What is a smart air conditioner?


A smart air conditioner is an air conditioner that can be controlled and monitored through an application using a smartphone or smart speaker with an internet connection. You can control and monitor the air conditioner remotely without being restricted by time or place.
The various useful smart functions of LG DUALCOOL are available through the LG ThinQ smart app. Conveniently turn the LG air conditioner on and off with your smartphone or control the temperature setting and mode remotely without having to be in the same room! Furthermore, energy monitoring allows you to view and manage your energy usage, allowing you to make smarter energy choices. (*This function may not be available in some countries).


How can I clean and manage the air conditioner?


For optimal performance, the filter needs to be cleaned every two weeks. Wash the outer surface of the pre-filter with water or use a neutral detergent for an occasional deeper clean. After washing with water, dry the pre-filter in the shade away from direct sunlight. Clean the UltraFine Dust Filter with a vacuum or a soft brush, but do not clean with water.


How can I save energy while using the air conditioner?


You can save energy by selecting appropriate temperatures when cooling and heating and by regularly cleaning the filters to reduce unnecessary energy wastage.


Can the air conditioner heat my house too?


When cooling, the air conditioner sends cold air indoors and hot air outdoors. During heating, the refrigerant flow direction can be changed to send warm air into the house to heat it. The LG DUALCOOL's heat pump is more powerful and uniform than other heating appliances, such as radiators or electric heaters, because the DUAL Inverter CompressorTM installed in the LG DUALCOOL heat pump optimizes and operates according to the indoor environment. Therefore, if you own this model of air conditioner you don't need to buy a separate heater.


How do I install the air conditioner?


Among the various types of air conditioners, a professional engineer must install Split type air conditioners because the installation process requires drilling through walls to connect outdoor and indoor units. Window, Wall, and Portable air conditioners do not require pipe installation due to the built-in outdoor unit, so you can install them yourself.