LG Dishwasher with Inverter Direct Drive Technology


LG Dishwasher with Inverter Direct Drive Technology

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LG Dishwasher

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LG DFB424FM Dishwasher True Steam

Sparkling Dishes, Less Water Spots

TrueSteam® made by boiling water reaches the entire surface of every dish inside the tub resulting in sparkling clean dishes. Pure water particles of steam also help reduce water spots.

Effective Soaking

High temperature steam, which consists of tiny particles, easily separate stains from dishes.

Less Water Spots

TrueSteam® leaves dishes sparkling clean while reducing water spots.
LG DFB424FM Dishwasher QuadWash

Clean from Every Angle

Thanks to Multi-Motion spray arms and high-pressure jets, QuadWash™ provides maximum coverage to get things clean the first time.

Four Washing Arms

With four spray arms instead of two, QuadWash™ provides stronger cleaning performance to clean every dish on every rack.

Multi-Directional Rotation

The multi-directionally rotating arms shoot water streams in various angles that reach every corner of the dishwasher.
LG DFB424FM Dishwasher Easy Rack

Easy Loading & Maximum Flexibility

Easy to adjust on-the-fly, this racking system can shift to handle any challenge your dishes serve up.

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Foldable Tines

Load the dishes your way, whether it's a pan on the top rack or a bowl on the bottom.

Easy Height Adjustment

Adjust the height of the upper rack to three different levels to load taller items on any rack.

Smooth Operation

Even your heavy dish loads glide in and out smoothly with the help of LG's Rail.
LG DFB424FM Dishwasher 14 place settings

14 place settings

The LG Dishwasher with the 14 place setting feature lets you clean various kinds of utensils at one go. Now host get togethers with as many people at one go saving time and water at the same time.
LG DFB424FM Dishwasher  Inverter Direct Drive Motor

Quiet, Efficient & Reliable

LG's Inverter Direct Drive Motor was designed with quiet in mind. With fewer moving parts, you get reliable performance from one of the quietest dishwashers in its class.

*The image of the product are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product.
10 Year Warranty :- 2 Years Parts & Labour + 8 Years on motor (parts only).

Energy Efficient

Compared to conventional motors, LG's innovative Inverter Direct Drive Motor helps increase energy efficiency.

Long-Lasting Durability

Count on your LG dishwasher for years to come with a 10-year limited warranty on the Direct Drive Motor.
LG DFB424FM Dishwasher Drying performance

Greater Convenience & Performance

Customized features allow for enhanced cleaning and drying performance while helping your life in the kitchen become much easier.

*The image of the product are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Turbo Cycle

Choose the Turbo Cycle to clean lightly soiled dishes in just an hour.

Dual Zone Wash

Gently clean your delicate dishes while power-washing heavy-duty pots and pans with Dual Zone Wash.

Half Load

Select to wash the upper or lower rack depending on your load.

Download Cycles

With the LG ThinQ smartphone app, download new wash cycles to meet your needs—such as Pots & Pans, Casseroles, Glassware and Night Care.

Personalized Settings

Personalize your dishwasher cycles by using the smartphone app to select different cleaning options.

Machine Clean Reminder

Keep your dishwasher fresh by activating the Machine Clean Reminder. After every 30 cycles the lighted indicator will let you know it's time to run the cleaning cycle.

Smart Diagnosis™

Smart Diagnosis helps solve problems quickly and efficiently through your smartphone, with suggestions for easy solutions and next steps.
LG DFB424FM Dishwasher Innovative Design

Upgrade the Look  of Your Kitchen

LG dishwasher bring a sleek, modern design to your kitchen. Built with innovative LG technology, your dishwasher will work as beautifully as it looks.

*The image of the product are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Minimalist Exterior Design

The elegant exteriors of LG dishwashers can complement the design of any kitchen.

Elegant Interior Design

Durable and easy to maintain with elegant and aesthetically pleasing look.



14 Place Settings
600 x 600 x 850
Inverter Direct Drive

All Spec


  • Color



  • Delay Start


  • Extra Dry



  • Noise Level (dBA)



  • SenseClean Wash System

    Auto, Intensive, Delicate, Refresh, Eco, Turbo, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express, Download Cycle


  • Product Dimensions - WxHxD (mm)

    600 x 850 x 600

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