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Real Sports with Pure Colors
on Ultra Large Screen

Pure Colors
Create a Real Stadium Feel

LG NanoCell produces pure colors by applying about 1nm-sized nanoparticles
to filter out dull color and enhance color purity. It delivers stunning visual immersion.
Experience real sport with pure colors on an ultra large screen.

Two men are cheering while watching a soccer game on a Nanocell TV in the living room.

Pure Colors Created by NanoCell

  1. Impure Colors
  2. Pure Colors

Nanoparticles Filter out Impure Colors

  1. Conventional

    RGB wavelength with
    impure colors

  2. lg nanocell logo

    Pure RGB wavelength with
    impure colors removed.

  1. Below that, NanoCell technology is shown to improve image quality.
  2. Below that, NanoCell technology is shown to improve image quality.

*Conventional refers to LG's UHD TVs without NanoCell Technology.

Pure Colors
Maximize Whole Scale Immersion

Pure Colors bring such a large-scale presence to your living room,
it's as if you're sitting in a stadium. Experience the overwhelming large screen
of LG NanoCell, with pure colors produced in every corner.

A Nanocell TV is on a TV stand. Soccer players are celebrating.

Ultra Large Screen

It's Like Sitting
in a Real Stadium

With an ultra large screen spanning 75-inches or more,
LG NanoCell brings the stadium experience home.
See the detailed movements of players as
if they were right there in front of you.

Nano Accuracy

Pure Colors
at Any Angle

Nano Accuracy displays accurate colors
with less distortion, from any angle, on an 8K screen.
Watch your favorite teams play in pure colors on
an ultra-large screen with amazing picture quality.

An Advanced Realistic Experience

LG NanoCell provides advanced realistic sports immersion through the enhanced
picture quality provided by pure colors and the many convenient features of ThinQ AI.
Now you can enjoy your favorite team's matches with pure colors in real-time.

There is a wall-mounted Nanocell TV. There is a soccer match about to start on the screen.

Sports Alert

Never Miss a Shot

Sports alerts notify you before, during, and after games.
You’ll never have to worry about missing the big plays from
your favorite teams, even when you’re watching other content.

Sports Alert Supported League

  1. Basketball


  2. Football


  3. Baseball


  4. Hockey


  5. Soccer

    Premier League, La Liga,
    Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue1,
    Brazil Serie A, Mexico Liga

*The supported sports and leagues may differ by country.
*Service not available for Russia.

*Connection Available : LG PK7/7W/5/5W, PL7/5, PN7/5, RL3, RM2, RN9/7/5, ON9/7/5

Bluetooth Surround Ready

Big Sound
for the Big Game

LG NanoCell up-mixes 2.0 ch sound to richer
virtual 4.0 sound. With two Bluetooth speakers connected
it creates a surround sound effect to immerse you in
the game and give you the feeling of a live atmosphere.

  1. Conventional
  2. LG NanoCell

*Motion Pro is included in NANO99, NANO97, NANO90, NANO85 models.
*Images simulated.

Motion Pro

See Every Moment
in All Its Glory

Residual image (motion blur) is a big frustration
when watching sports. Now, with the Motion Pro feature,
you can watch every quick and subtle movement
of each player with less motion blur on your TV.
With LG NanoCell, there’s no need to worry about
blurring or flickering.

Spectate in Ultra Large

Find LG NanoCell for Real Sports

nano99 image



nano91 image



nano85 image



nano80 image



Display Technology Pure Colors
by NanoCell Technology
Pure Colors
by NanoCell Technology
Pure Colors
by NanoCell Technology
Pure Colors
by NanoCell Technology
Resolution Real 8K
(7,680 x 4,320)
Real 4K
(3,840 X 2160)
Real 4K
(3,840 x 2,160)
Real 4K
(3,840 x 2,160)
AI Processor α9 Gen3
AI Processor 8K
α7 Gen3
AI Processor 4K
α7 Gen3
AI Processor 4K
Quad Core
Processor 4K
Design Gallery Design /
Nano Bezel
Nano Bezel Nano Bezel Nano Bezel
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