10 Maintenance Hacks to Keep Your Washing Machine Spinning Like a Superhero: A Guide to Optimal Performance

10 Maintenance Hacks to Keep Your Washing Machine Spinning Like a Superhero: A Guide to Optimal Performance


While your washing machine may feel like a superhero conquering mountains of laundry, are you confident it's still working at its peak? How often do you reconsider its efficiency after hitting start? Probably not at all!


The fabric care that your washing machine provides will stop soon. Unless you give the care back. But how? Your jam-packed schedule does not allow you to keep appliance care. Fear not! This guide unpacks 10 essential washing machine maintenance tips to optimize your performance, ensuring gleaming clothes and a longer lifespan.


1. Unleash the Inner Clean Freak: Deep Clean Your Machine

This is an excellent washing machine maintenance tip. Just like you give your clothes a good wash, your washing machine also needs a deep clean now and then. Run a hot water cycle with white vinegar or a dedicated washing machine cleaner every 3-6 months. It banishes mineral buildup and hidden grime, making your machine purr with renewed efficiency. Do not forget to give the rubber seal a good scrub for front-loader machines!


2. Load Wisely: Avoid the Fabric Avalanche

Laundry mountains are tempting to conquer in one fell swoop. But resist the urge to overstuff! Stick to the recommended capacity. Overloading weakens the spin cycle, strains the motor, and can even damage delicate parts. For optimal tumbling, fill the drum to 75% capacity. This ensures your clothes have enough space to move around during the wash cycle.


3. Choose the Right Weapon: Detergent Synergy

Using the wrong detergent is like giving your superhero the wrong sidekick. High-efficiency (HE) machines need HE detergents to avoid excessive suds, while traditional machines require different formulas. Check your manual and match the detergent to your machine's needs. It is a recipe for clean clothes and optimal performance.


4. Tame the Lint Monster: Befriend the Drain Filter

The drain filter is your washing machine's unsung hero, catching fabric warriors shed in every laundry battle. To prevent clogs and ensure smooth drainage, clean it every 4-6 washes, or more often if you wash pet items. Most filters are easy to access – just consult your manual for a quick guide.

5. Guard the Hoses: Inspect Those Water Warriors

Those hoses running water to your machine deserve some attention too! Inspect them regularly for kinks, cracks, or leaks. Replace worn-out hoses to prevent bursts and water damage – a true kryptonite for your laundry hero.


6. Let Your Machine Breathe: Embrace Freshness

After a heroic laundry session, leave the door or lid ajar for a while. It allows moisture to escape and prevents musty odors. For front-loaders, do not forget to wipe down the rubber seal – mold does not stand a chance against your hygiene prowess!


7. Power Down for the Win: Rest Your Laundry Hero

Like superheroes, even washing machines need downtime! Unplug your washing machine before cleaning or during long vacations. It prevents electrical malfunctions and keeps your appliance safe from unexpected power surges. Remember, rest is a superpower too!


8. Consult the Wise One: The Power of the Manual

Your washing machine manual is your secret weapon, containing specific cleaning instructions and troubleshooting tips. Consult it regularly for the best care advice tailored to your model. Think of it as your laundry hero's playbook!


9. Call in the Pros: Know When to Summon Support

Even the mightiest heroes need backup sometimes. If you notice unusual noises, leaks, or performance issues, don't hesitate to call a qualified appliance repair person. Early intervention can prevent bigger problems and keep your laundry hero in tip-top shape. Remember, prevention is key! LG’s True Maintenance Services come in handy whenever you have even the smallest problem with your home appliance.


10. Fight rust and corrosion on your machine:

Prioritize drying and remove any moisture. Apply a protective coating like paint or oil based on its function. Store it in a cool, dry place with low humidity. Regularly clean with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Inspect for signs of damage and address them promptly. This vigilance extends your machine's life.


LG Believes in Technology Optimization:

What else makes a washing machine fully optimized? Ace technology! At LG, we have infused our washing machines with cutting-edge technology to maximize performance and take the guesswork out of laundry. Here are two game-changing features, you'll find in select LG models:


AIDD (Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive): It takes laundry care to a new level by analyzing the weight and fabric type of your clothes. This built-in intelligence, combined with the power of a direct drive motor, allows the washer to automatically select the optimal washing pattern and spin speed for a gentle yet effective clean. The motor is directly connected to the drum, eliminating the need for belts and pulleys. This design reduces noise and vibration during operation and enhances the washing machine's durability by minimizing wear and tear. Imagine your washing machine having its laundry intuition, powered by AI and a sophisticated motor!


• 6 Motion DD: This feature uses six hand-washing motions, from rolling and scrubbing to stepping and twisting. Your clothes get the ultimate spa treatment, emerging fresh and revitalized. No more harsh washing cycles as each cycle will get the care it deserves.


• TurboWash: Forget hour-long cycles. This tech uses powerful jets and high-pressure water to deep-clean clothes in just 39 minutes. Time crunch? TurboWash has your back.


• Steam+ with Wrinkle Care: Banish bacteria, allergens, and wrinkles. Steam+ cleans, refreshes, and adds a wrinkle-free touch to even delicate fabrics, leaving them ready to wear.


• ThinQ: Laundry just got smart. Connect your washer to your phone with ThinQ, then control cycles, monitor progress, and even troubleshoot remotely. Laundry on autopilot? Yes, please! With ThinQ™ technology, your washer just got smarter from operating your laundry remotely to downloading additional cycles. Easily interact with it and access the latest innovations with Wi-Fi Connectivity.



Ending Note

LG is committed to masterfully engineering products for maximum customer satisfaction. Their comprehensive range of washing machines includes front-load, top-load, semi-automatic, washer-dryer, dryer, and WashTower models.


This blog will help you maintain your washing machine in optimal condition for the long term. Remember, even without obvious problems, every machine needs regular service to function at its best.


LG washing machines offer different price ranges, so you can select an ideal home appliance in your budget. The ease is now affordable! Moreover, the washing machines are compact-space friendly. We prioritize fabric-care first policy because when your clothes are happy, you are happy. Protect your investment and extend the life of your washing machine with these easy maintenance tips.