6 Features that Make the LG OLED TV the Best in the Market

6 Features that Make the LG OLED TV the Best in the Market


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When you think about TV, what comes to mind? An experience closest to theatre, or maybe a TV with the best resolution. Well, we’re here to ease your search for the perfect TV with our newly launched, and already everyone’s favourite, best OLED TV in India.

The features are endless, including the best OLED gaming TV. OLED TV gives a life like viewing experience to the user, with pixels illuminating independently. Every minute you spend using it will feel like a dream, but real (and clearer).

Here are the Ultimate Features of OLED TV

• Self-lighting OLED: Perfect Black, Intense Color, Infinite Contrast

This feature of self-lighting allows the screen to be ultra-thin and the pixel quality increases multiple times with the self-lighting feature. This feature allows OLED TV India to provide the best picture quality.

LG has launched the best OLED TV in India, and you can buy this TV online from the comfort of your homes.

• A9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture & AI Sound

It is called the best OLED TV for gaming for a reason; with a9 Gen 5 Al processor, the gaming experience will not be limited to screen and visuals, and the sound will be heavily improved with the best sound technology known.

4K OLED TV combined with a9 Gen 5 Al processor is no less than a magic screen.

• Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos & Filmmaker Mode with 7.1.2 Virtual Surround Sound

Wishing to take your at-home movie nights to another level? This feature is for you. OLED cinema TV provides the user with the comfort of home and movie experience of a lifetime with the video and audio quality like never before.

With the best OLED TV in India comes the most comfortable television experience.

• WebOS & AI ThinQ™ w/ New Magic Remote

The newly launched magic remote is extremely handy to use. It comes with voice recognition features, and you are only one click away from Netflix and Prime Video (quite literally). You can now scroll through your favourite channels with the magic remote. Moreover,  with the buttons dedicated to Netflix and Prime Video, TV experience has never been so effortless. With the best OLED TV in India, all the features can be yours.

• NVIDIA GSYNC & Freesync

Gaming gets unbelievable with 120Hz refresh rate and 0.1 m/s response time. With the best OLED TV in India, gaming has taken a sharp turn. The gaming tools (HGiG) used in OLED TV are beyond the usual gaming formats, and the results have been nothing but phenomenal.

• Eye Comfort Display

OLED comes with low blue light to protect your eyes from any harmful exposure. To make the experience even better, flicker-free mode is introduced, so you can have glitch-free TV time.

These were only some of the many features OLED TV consists of. OLED TV price in India is extremely cost-effective, given the features are top notch. OLED TV is your gateway to a different dimension of television
no one has ever witnessed before.

We at LG have launched the best OLED TV in India, with everything you need on a single screen.

After reviewing all the past suggestions, we have curated a device that allows the user to have different experiences with a TV.

LG has been a household name in India for the longest time, and with the newly launched OLED TV, we have won so many hearts already.

Visit our website today and get your very own OLED TV delivered to your doorstep.