The workplace is a place where we spend almost half of our working life!


A place where you want to be the last one to punch in but the first one punch out. A place that gives you the chills when it comes to that time of the year! A place that shoots up your anger when the coffee is over after waiting in a queue for 5 minutes!



But then, there are also these ‘cool’ workplaces which people fall in love with. People don’t even feel like leaving for the day. And you know why? Because, they are stacked with LG’s 4-way Cassettes.

About the New Inverter Cassette Units

LG has proudly introduced India’s most advanced Inverter Cassette units that offer high energy efficiency, high comfort and high reliability while being very sleek in size.


A 4-way cassette unit is high recommended for any office space because of the uniformity in airflow on 4 sides.


A uniform airflow keeps the office space comfortably cool.

Advantages of the 4-way Cassette

Advantages of the 4-way Cassette


The inverter compressor changes its speed, based on the cooling requirement, leading to lower power consumption as compared to non-inverter compressors.


Quieter Operation


Due to the presence of world class brushless DC motors and low noise blowers, you enjoy a quieter operation and more peace of mind. 


Longer Life & Higher Reliability


Due to the frequent starts and stops, the non-inverter compressor motor suffers and ends up with a shorter life span. But with this new inverter compressor, the compressor only changes its speed and problem of frequent shut downs is taken care of. This leads to a longer life and higher reliability.


Better Humidity Control


The finer match of the compressor speed with the load requirement helps the unit to have a better control on the humidity.

Features that You Will Fall in Love With

High Seasonal Energy Efficiency


LG’s Smart Inverter compressor runs at a variable speed in order to keep up with the outside temperature that changes throughout the year. This avoids periods of overcooling that are found in non-inverter units. This feature coupled with avoidance of frequent compressor starts/stops, results in lower power bills.


Compact Size


The ultra slim and compact design saves space as well as installation costs. The height of the indoor unit is one of the lowest in the country.


Higher Reliability and Wide Jet Air Flow


Each of the vanes is controlled by a different motor that leaves it solely up to you to choose your own comfort. The wider vanes cool even the farthest corners.


Even Air Distribution


The automatic 4-way airflow distributes the air evenly in all four directions.


Better Comfort


You can choose from two options between Direct and Indirect wind flow as per your comfort. Also, you can adjust the exact angle of the wind flow for that optimum comfort level.


Corrosion Resistant Heat Exchanger


The special Gold coating on the fin of the copper heat exchanger prevents corrosion and extends the life of the AC unit.

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