1. Why do I need to wear glasses, and why are they so expensive?

The 3 dimensional effect is created by two separate images that need to be put together. The glasses help us do that. If you’ve ever been to a 3D movie, it’s basically the same at home.

The price difference has to do with the fact that different manufacturers use different technology. The two main ones are active shutter-type glasses and the Film Patterned Retarder-type (FPR) glasses. Active shutter-types require batteries to receive images from the TV, and the left and right lenses have to turn on and off at a very high rate. These can cost as much as $200.

LG CINEMA 3D glasses are FPR and are so much lighter than conventional active shutter type glasses!

FPR-type glasses are what you get in the movie theater, expect a lot cooler. They are thinner, lighter, don’t need to charged, and they feel great to wear. They have a much wider viewing angle and are remarkably affordable. Read more on the comparison between active and FPR-type 3D glasses here.

2. Isn’t 3D harmful for my eyes, and doesn’t it cause headaches?

Some users complain about nausea, dizziness and eye fatigue when watching 3D. Much of this phenomenon is closely related to the “crosstalk” and “flicker,” two phenomena associated with active shutter glasses. It has to do with the rapid pattern shift from side to side and between black and the main image. Watching 3D over an extended period on active shutters can get stressful for the eyes, causing the symptoms mentioned above.


FPR type glasses don’t show flickering or cross talk. They’re easy on the eyes and can be viewed for a long time without affecting your vision. As a matter of fact, LEXUM eye clinic, a well known institution in Europehas proven by testing LG CINEMA 3D TVs, that FPR-type 3D TVs are harmless to our eyes. Read more on it here.

3. Is there really a lot of 3D content to watch?

In a word, Yes. Many consumers ask about this. After all, there’s no point of buying a new type of TV if there isn’t much to watch right?


So we created something we call the “Limitless 3D” experience. With an LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, you’ll never worry about not having 3D content to watch.


The Smart TV menu provides a wealth of 3D content on demand, from 3D movies, exclusive music videos and concerts. You can also convert your 2D content into 3D with LG’s outstanding 2D to 3D conversion technology, which makes otherwise dull motion pictures into vibrant 3D images. You can read more on the 3D content on LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs here.