4 Factors You Must Consider While Comparing LED TV Prices


With the advancements in technology, televisions have evolved rapidly in recent times. The quality of the screen and the viewing experience has come a long way. If you love to watch any type of content or play games, it is a good idea to make use of the best TVs out there. Take it from us, get LED TVs to witness every detail and enjoy your favourite movie to the fullest.


Buying a TV may seem like an overwhelming task as there are many factors one needs to consider. LED TV price should not be the deciding aspect when purchasing one. In this article, let us go through the factors you should keep in mind and the features of the best LG LED TVs.

Aspects to Consider Other than LED TV Price

TVs are an important investment. Therefore, you must make the right choice after taking all the factors into consideration. Here are some of the key aspects:


1. Screen Size

Apart from LED TV price, screen size can be a significant factor. The larger the screen is, the better the viewing experience. However, it also depends on the amount of space available in your home. Also, decide the screen size based on how far you are going to sit from the TV.


2. HDR



HDR is one of the new features offered in LED TVs, which helps deliver better brightness, more colours, and contrast levels. You might consider this as an upgrade of the 4k. We at LG offer the HDR10 Pro, where the brightness level can be adjusted to enhance the clarity and colour of every frame.


3. Audio

Sometimes, even high-priced LED TVs come with bad audio. The best LG LED TVs offers an optimal listening experience.


4. Smart or Not

Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular these days. In today’s time, it is best to go with smart TVs. With LG LED smart TVs, you can control your TV with just your voice and watch personalised content. ThinQ AI makes LG TVs a smart experience

Top Features of LG LED TVs

With LG LED TVs, you can discover exceptional image quality. Our slim backlighting technology can deliver incredibly vibrant colours. When you watch your favourite content on the screen, we guarantee that you won’t believe your eyes.


Let us now look at the best features of LG LED TVs:


• α5 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

The α5 Gen5 AI processor 4K can analyse the original content and optimise it to provide improved quality for the best viewing experience. The AI brightness control can automatically adjust the brightness of your screen to match the lighting levels, ensuring optimal viewing in any kind of setting. Furthermore, the multi-tone HDR image mapping is capable of optimising the shade and contrast in real time for clearer picture quality.


• LG ThinQ


You will not be thinking too much about the LED TV price after learning this AI feature, which makes the TV smarter than you think. You can even customise the content you want to see on your television. You will be able to manage all the household tasks with one hand. With the LG ThinQ app, you can enjoy a single window access to all your LG appliances.


• Filmmaker Mode


Filmmaker Mode


With the filmmaker mode, you can enjoy your content as the director intended. Watch your favourite films just the way they were filmed and appreciate each element of authenticity from the perspective of the one who made the film.


• AI Sound Pro (Virtual Surround 5.1.2)


AI Sound Pro (Virtual Surround 5.1.2)


The AI sound pro allows the viewer to enjoy immersive audio. The deep learning algorithms convert the 2-channel audio into 5.1 virtual surround sound, enriching every piece of content with enhanced quality.


• Access Multiple OTT Apps

With the range of LG LED TVs, you can get access to multiple OTT apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and many more.


• Better HDR Gaming Experience

We are here to help you gear up for an epic gaming experience. The game dashboard and optimiser can allow you to find all the settings you need for optimal gameplay in one place. You can even change the current game genre settings quickly. With HGiG, you can enjoy the latest HDR games and immerse yourself in the gameplay.

Make the Right Choice!

At this point, you must understand that LED TV price is not the only factor you need to consider. In fact, you should keep in mind all the aspects. If you are looking for a LED TV, make sure to check out our website.


We at LG love to innovate for a better life and provide value to our customers. Visit our official website today to learn more about our products.