Frost-Free Refrigerator: How Does It Work?


As a core feature of all LG’s Refrigerators, you can choose any model from our extensive range of Refrigerator units, with the promise that they will be completely Frost-Free. LG’s Total No Frost technology allows air to move through the unit meaning ice buildup in the freezer is prevented.


Explore LG’s range of Frost-Free Refrigerators below, available in a variety of designs, colours and sizes.

1. What is a Frost-Free refrigerator

Today, most refrigerators are self-defrosting. This means what it implies, although frost continues to accumulate inside the refrigerator, it melts automatically. As a core feature of all LG Refrigerators, self-defrosting technology allows for easy use of your Refrigerator, no matter the model or size.

2. How does a Frost-Free refrigerator work?

A Frost-Free Refrigerator can still get condensation in the fridge and a buildup of ice in the freezer, which will need to be defrosted every 6 months. However, LG’s Refrigerator models use state-of-the-art technology, called Total No Frost. This feature cleverly uses fans to move the air, removing condensation in the fridge and preventing a buildup of ice in the freezer, so you always enjoy the full capacity in your Refrigerator and never have to manually defrost the unit.


3. How is Frost-Free different from auto defrost?

Whilst Frost-Free can still allow for ice buildup, auto defrost uses coils to continually melt ice and keep frost at bay. LG’s Total No Frost technology is a level above auto defrost - where cold air is circulated throughout the freezer and refrigerator compartment by a cooling fan, meaning you will always have all the full capacity of the Refrigerator. LG’s Refrigerators with Total No Frost innovation requires no manual work to defrost - removing the possibility of contamination from condensation as well as offering energy and cost savings.

4. The benefits of having a Frost-Free refrigerator (+ LG USPs)

LG’s Total No Frost keeps electricity costs low and our environment greener by saving energy. It has been shown that as little as 0.5 centimeters of frost increases the electricity consumption of the refrigerator by 30%. In addition, the Total No Frost technology ensures even and faster cooling, so you can store food from top to bottom anywhere in the refrigerator, with the knowledge that this will stay fresher for longer.

5. The Best Refrigerators with Frost-Free

Every model offered by LG utilises the Total No Frost technology, allowing you to focus on choosing the model that is the best fit for your kitchen and lifestyle.

LG Refrigerators with Frost-Free


For those looking for a black frost-free Refrigerator, this stylish black Refrigerator with Frost-Free is a great choice for those who need more capacity from their Refrigerator. With a range of amenities including ice and water dispenser and Total No Frost the LG frost free GL-T422VESX is the perfect choice for those with a bigger household.

Tall Refrigerators with Frost-Free


LG’s range of Tall Refrigerator models such as the New LG GL-T422VPZX, are a slim design of Refrigerators with Total No Frost. Easy to use and conveniently slim to fit into any kitchen, LG’s range of Tall Refrigerators are big on the inside but compact on the outside.

InstaView Refrigerators with Frost-Free


LG’s range of InstaView™ Refrigerator models with Total No Frost include LG SIGNATURE InstaView™ Door-in-Door™ GR-X31FMQHL Refrigerator. This range significantly reduces cold air loss by keeping it where it matters most: on the inside. The InstaView™ technology makes it possible to look inside the spacious refrigerator without opening the door via a transparent glass panel, allowing you to check what’s in the fridge without opening the door. With fantastic features such as an ice and water dispenser, sleek design with its unique textured stainless-steel and smart technologies and its Auto Open Door, to ease everyday usage and Auto Open Drawers, bringing food to your, LG’s InstaView™ fridges are perfect for those that love to entertain at home.

Door-in-Door Refrigerators with Frost-Free


Enjoy fresher food for longer with LG’s range of Door-in-Door™ Refrigerators, featuring an innovative Door-in-Door™ design, that lets you easily access your food while minimising cold air loss. This Frost-Free model, our LG Door-in-Door™ GL-X257ABSX LG Refrigerator is also packed with the latest cooling technology, convenient storage, and an energy efficient engine compressor. With amenities such as a water dispenser, smart technologies and no need for plumbing, the LG Door-in-Door™ GL-X257ABSX Refrigerator will fit perfectly into any kitchen or family lifestyle.


Keeping food fresher for longer with LG’s Hygiene Fresh+™ technology, the range of Door-in-Door™ models effectively use innovative cooling technology which help you get the most out of the weekly shop. Built in a stylish, shiny-steel design, LG Door-in-Door™ GL-X257ABSX will blend seamlessly into any kitchen.

In Summary

With Frost Free a core feature of all LG’s Refrigerators, you can choose any design from our extensive range of Refrigerator units, with the promise that you can avoid frost build up. The styles and types of refrigerators mentioned above, which include LG, Tall, InstaView™ and Door-in-Door™, are an initial first glance at the best Refrigerators with Frost-Free that LG has to offer. To explore all our frost-free models available or to order yours today please visit our website here.

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How do I change the temperature setting on my LG Refrigerator?

Use the Control Panel on the door or inside the fridge to set or adjust the temperature for your fridge or freezer. Use the LG ThinQ™ App to change the temperature setting remotely via your smartphone for supported models.

How do I find out if my refrigerator is Frost-Free?

All LG Refrigerators are completely Frost-Free thanks to LG’s Total No Frost technology. For more information on LG’s range on Refrigerator’s available to purchase got to the LG website here.