Give Your Home a Modern Upgrade With the Latest LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Give Your Home a Modern Upgrade With the Latest LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator


As the summer reaches its peak and the temperatures continue to rise, we rely on refreshing drinks and cool, juicy snacks to beat the heat. Imagine spending a day in the sun and coming home to a glass of chilled fruit juice and a bowl of ice cream. Perfect right? This is what makes the summer months the perfect time to replace your refrigerator and bring home a brand-new, Stunningly Stylish LG Refrigerator that will keep your beverages cool and food fresh and gives your home interiors a sophisticated and premium feel.


But, it’s not a small decision, is it? Bringing home a new appliance means accommodating every family member’s opinion, making it slightly tricky to find the one that suits everyone’s requirements. Here’s where we come into the picture!


LG’s new  Side-by-Side refrigerator is equipped with features that precisely fit the needs of the modern family. Let’s look at a few features of this refrigerator that make it an excellent choice.

Minimal Style

Since a refrigerator takes up significant space in your kitchen, its design and aesthetic appeal are important for the ambience of the space. LG has revolutionized the design of the 2022 range of LG SBS and Frost Free Refrigerators to elevate the user experience and add elegance to their kitchens.


These refrigerators have been designed considering the new trends and usage patterns of Indian consumers. With a new flat design and loaded with metallic decorations, these refrigerators will add a minimal yet premium touch to your space.

Practical Design 

One of the best things about the new LG Side-by-Side refrigerator is that it features an uber-cool, practical design, the 23% bigger InstaView Window for a wider view of what’s inside. Simply knock twice on the tinted glass and it will light up the refrigerator letting you quickly glance at your favourite foods & beverages without letting the cooling escape. It also adds to the luxury with a Wine Rack which lets you chill up to four bottles of wine.

Future Ready Features

The latest LG Smart Refrigerators have been packed with a bunch of smart features. Imagine being able to control the temperature settings without having to open the fridge? LG makes it possible with its latest refrigerators, significantly reducing the loss of cold air. In addition, with the LG ThinQ App, you can easily control key features and regulate your fridge from anywhere.


The latest LG refrigerators also come with a Smart Learner technology which analyses the usage pattern of the refrigerator and optimizes cooling to deliver higher energy efficiency and long-lasting freshness to your fruits and vegetables.


Aside from these stand-out features, a few other functionalities also contribute in making the LG refrigerator deliver one of the best refrigerators in India.  

• Fresh Balancer

– This is an excellent feature that helps maintain optimal humidity levels in the vegetable box, allowing fruits and vegetables to stay fresh for longer.

• Smart Space Utility Box

– This is an excellent space for smaller items such as deli and cheese and maintains an appropriate temperature of around 3.50C

• Spaceplus Ice System



– Door-mounted slim ice maker allows more storage space in the freezer.

• Fresh O Zone

- LG’s latest refrigerator has been designed to store your fish and meat at the optimal temperature, keeping your fish and meat fresh without freezing them, and preventing the need to defrost them before use.

• Hygiene Fresh



– Hygiene fresh is one of the most advanced features of the LG refrigerators. This is essentially a filter that eliminates upto 99.999% of bacteria by providing strong sterilization and deodorization. This helps avoid fungus, dust, spores, and other harmful bacteria from developing inside your fridge.

• Door Cooling+



- This feature ensures there’s even cooling of your veggies and fruits, keeping them fresh for longer.

• UVnano

- Our UVnano technology removes up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria on the refrigerator's dispenser tap, including E. coli, staph, and pseudomonas aeruginosa which can cause pneumonia. UVnano can also be activated at any time by pressing a button.


Here you have it! These points make it clear that the new LG Side-by-Side refrigerator can give your home a modern upgrade. With power-packed features and a sleek, modern design, this refrigerator makes for an excellent investment for your home. So, wait no more. Head on to our refrigerator section and check out our latest collection today.