How are washing machines energy efficient?

How are washing machines energy efficient?


In our quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, the importance of energy-efficient home appliances like washing machines cannot be overstated. The washing machines have advanced significantly to provide excellent cleaning and reduce their impact on the environment.


This blog delves into the mechanics of washing machine energy efficiency, highlighting both its economic and ecological benefits. Understanding these principles will help users make an informed decision when selecting a washing machine that combines convenience with environmental mindfulness.

Why do energy-efficient washing machines matter?


Energy-efficient washing machines have undergone a significant transformation in how they are designed. These new designs focus on saving energy and being kinder to the environment. But let's go beyond the basics and explore how they actually do this. They use clever methods like reusing water and making the most of detergent.


These tricks help users cut down on bills and also help lower the overall impact on nature. You will encounter various choices when you pick the best washing machine. Each has its own way of saving energy, so selecting the right one means thinking about your wallet and the world around us.

Understanding Energy Efficiency in Washing Machines

Energy Star certification and its significance


When it comes to washing machines in India, understanding energy efficiency starts with Energy Star certification. This label shows that the washing machine follows crucial rules for saving energy.


In India, where we are trying to save power and be eco-friendly, picking a washing machine with this Energy Star label can help you save money on your electricity bill and also help the environment by using less energy. So, when you choose one of these certified machines, you are saving cash and helping the country use less power for a cleaner future.

        •  Users can notice the star rating on the top right corner of LG washing machines.

        •  The higher the star ratings, the more you save on electricity bills.


The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is a body set up by the Government of India. The major goal of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is to reduce the energy intensity of the Indian economy within the general framework of the Energy Conservation Act of 2001. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency assists in establishing policies and strategies focusing on self-regulation and market principles.

The goal of BEE can be accomplished with the support and help of all the stakeholders involved, resulting in the rapid and ongoing adoption of energy efficiency across all industries. The BEE body issues the regulations and guidelines for star ratings of all home appliances.


LG supports the guidelines for mainly two reasons:

       •  To minimise the end-use energy consumption of appliances without compromising on service levels.

       •  To spread awareness amongst the users, to make an informed decision considering the energy performance and cost-effectiveness while purchasing appliances.

Factors that contribute to a washing machine's energy efficiency


The energy efficiency of your washing machine depends on multiple things, including its model and how you use it. Even if your model doesn't have the highest energy rating, you may still be aware of the aspects that can help you save the most energy by reading our compilation of some of the most important ones to be aware of.

Energy Saving Trust suggests not to overload the washing machine drum. You run the risk of weakening the washing machine's frame and decreasing the machine's efficiency by overloading the drum. Additionally, because the clothing cannot move, you limit the flow of water and detergent to your laundry when your washing machine is overloaded. As a result, your laundry is less likely to come out clean and is more likely to require a second wash.

These are other factors that impact the efficiency of your washing machines:

        •  The temperature at which you wash your laundry

        •  The machine's cycle and load capacity

        •  The quantity and kind of detergent you use in your machine

        •  How old your model is? The recently released washing machine models have energy-saving modes. For example, the Eco Hybrid function in the LG Washer Dryer enables users to save energy. So, users have dated models that may have inefficient washing machines, consuming more electricity than machines with Eco Hybrid modes.

If you face any of these problems, the energy-saving tips below can come in handy to solve your problems. Our in-house LG washing machine experts have developed these tips by experiments. However, these tips are mainly based on how you use your machine at home.


  1. 1. Wash Full Loads: Always try to wash full loads of laundry. Washing fewer clothes uses the same amount of energy, so it is more efficient to wait until you have a full load. But don't overload the machine either, as that can affect its cleaning performance.
  2. 2. Cold Water Washing: Use cold water for washing whenever possible. Most of the energy used by washing machines goes into heating water. Modern detergents work well in cold water, and this simple change can significantly lower the energy usage.
  3. 3. Energy-Saving Modes: Many washing machines have energy-saving modes or settings. These modes adjust the water temperature, cycle length, and other factors to save energy while thoroughly cleaning your clothes.
  4. 4. Shorter Wash Cycles: Opt for shorter wash cycles for lightly soiled clothes. Longer cycles use more energy, so if your clothes aren't heavily stained, choose a quicker wash cycle to save time and energy.
  5. 5. Proper Maintenance: Keep your washing machine in good condition by cleaning the lint filter regularly and ensuring the washing machine is level. A well-maintained washing machine runs more efficiently, using less energy.

Optimal Wash Cycle Settings For Energy Conservation

Cold Water Washing: Using cold water for laundry can drastically lower electricity bills. Modern detergents work just as effectively in cold water, and since heating water consumes a lot of energy, this simple switch is a win-win for both your clothes and your wallet.


Quick Wash Cycles: Opting for quick wash cycles is a smart move for cost-conscious users. These cycles use less water and energy, making them perfect for lightly soiled clothes that don't need the full treatment. You save time and money while keeping your clothes clean.

Size & Load Capacity

A. Right-sizing your washing machine for your needs: Choosing a washing machine that matches your laundry needs can significantly cut electricity costs. If you have a smaller household, a smaller machine makes sense as it uses less energy and water. Using a big machine for small loads wastes resources and money. Think about your laundry habits and pick a machine that fits – it's a smart way to save.


B. Considering energy efficiency in relation to load capacity: When you're eyeing a washing machine, think about the load sizes you usually have. A machine's energy efficiency can vary with the load it handles. If you often do smaller loads, a machine optimised for that size can save more energy over time. Picking a machine that matches your typical load helps you save without compromising cleanliness.

Energy-Efficient Washing Machines by LG

Fun fact about LG - Most of our washing machines are 5-star rated which means we duly follow energy efficiency standards while designing all our washing machines.

Front-load and top-load washing machines (all fully-automatic washing machines) are 5-star rated. Most of the models of semi-automatic washing machines are rated 5 stars as well.


We have hand-picked some of the best washing machines for you, listing their top features, so your decision to pick one easily:

FHD1107STB -LG 11Kg/07Kg Front Load Washer Dryer


It is ideal for a medium-sized load, helping users with optimum convenience. The AI DD technology makes sure that delicate materials are handled carefully and that badly soiled clothes are cleaned thoroughly.



       •  AI Direct Drive™- intelligent & convenient fabric care

       •  6 Motion Direct Drive- optimal wash for different fabrics

       •  Turbowash 360 @ 39min- washing clothes efficiently in just 39 minutes

       •  Steam+ (with wrinkle care)- reduces allergens with steam cycles and wrinkles upto 30%

       •  LG Smart ThinQ- for remote operation through wifi

       •  Smart diagnosis- to troubleshoot problems instantly

FHP1411Z9B -11Kg Front Load Washing Machine


The energy-efficient washing machine is a perfect pick, if you are looking for a washer that optimises fabric care and provides the utmost convenience. TurboWash 360˚ significantly reduces wash time, without compromising on the wash quality.



       •  AI Direct Drive™

       •  6 Motion Direct Drive

       •  Turbowash 360˚ @ 39min

       •  Steam+ (with wrinkle care)

       •  LG Smart ThinQ

FHV1409Z4M - 9Kg Front Load Washing Machine


Taking the convenience to the next level, the washing machine is loaded with practical features.



       •  AI Direct Drive™

       •  6 Motion Direct Drive

       •  Steam

       •  LG Smart ThinQ

       •  Smart Diagnosis

THD10SWM- 10Kg Top Load Washing Machine


With stellar features in line, the washing machine is perfect for a large-sized family. It brings together better fabric protection, wifi enabled function, and powerful washes.



       •  AI -Intelligent Care with Optimised washing and More Fabric Protection

       •  Outstanding Performance with 6 Motion Direct Drive

       •  Steam

       •  LG ThinQ® with Wi-Fi

       •  TurboDrum™ for Powerful Wash

       •  Turbowash- Fast Washing with Best Performance

T90AJMB1Z - LG 7.0 Kg Top Load Washing Machine


Mastering fabric care, this washing machine combines energy efficiency with convenience.



       •  Smart Inverter Motor

       •  Auto Tub Clean - automatic tub cleaning after every wash cycle

       •  Jet Spray+ - powerful water sprays, washes off dirt & extra detergent

       •  Turbowash - spend less time on laundry and more time living

       •  Turbodrum - better washing inside the drum

       •  Smart diagnosis- instant troubleshooting

Final Word

LG washing machines are a complete laundry solution, designed for the utmost convenience. LG patented features like AI Direct Drive ensure no hassle wash cycles and advanced fabric care.

LG combines the cause with convenience, by complying with all energy-efficiency standards, without compromising on comfort. We hope your quest for the best energy-efficient washing machine comes to a resolution with this exhaustive blog. Click here to know more about LG washing machines.