How LG Purifiers Retain Healthy Minerals in Water?

How LG Purifiers Retain Healthy Minerals in Water?


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Summary: Have you ever wondered if water purifiers remove necessary minerals along with impurities? LG purifiers address this issue by employing Mineral Booster Technology, a multi-stage filtration system that eliminates harmful substances and preserves or replenishes essential minerals. This guarantees that you get pure, wholesome drinking water infused with minerals like calcium and magnesium. Check out the full blog for further insights.


For years, a question has lingered around water purification: does it remove the good minerals along with the contaminants? At LG India, we understand the importance of clean, healthy drinking water. This blog delves into the world of water purification, explores the role of minerals, and explains how LG Purifiers ensure you get the best of both worlds: safe, refreshing water that's rich in essential minerals.



Minerals: The Good, the Bad, and the H2O

Water is a natural cocktail of dissolved minerals. Some, like calcium and magnesium, are crucial for bone health and muscle function. However, others, like arsenic and lead, can be harmful. The key lies in striking a balance.


Here's a breakdown of the mineral landscape in your water:


• Essential Minerals: These include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. They play vital roles in regulating bodily functions, building strong bones, and maintaining proper hydration.


• Non-essential Minerals: These minerals don't have a direct impact on human health but can affect the taste and odour of water. Examples include iron and manganese.


• Contaminants: These are unwanted minerals, metals, or chemicals that can cause health problems. Examples include lead, arsenic, and nitrates.



How Do LG Water Purifiers Retain Minerals in Drinking Water?

LG water purifier models boast a fantastic feature called Mineral Booster Technology. It helps preserve the essential minerals in the water while making it fit for drinking.


Here's how it works:


Standard Multi-Stage Filtration: LG purifiers utilise a multi-stage filtration process that effectively removes harmful contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. This process, however, may also remove some beneficial minerals.


• Mineral Booster Technology: This innovative feature comes into play in select LG models. It essentially acts like a mineral remineralization filter. After the initial filtration process, the Mineral Booster adds back essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. This ensures your water is not only safe but also provides the health benefits these minerals offer.


 Stainless Steel Water Tank: The Dual Protection Stainless Steel Water Tank keeps water fresh and prevents the growth of bacteria and algae, ensuring your water stays pure.



Healthy Hydration: Features of LG Water Purifiers

LG Water Purifiers have some stellar features that make it an ace choice for your home:


1. Stainless Steel Water Tank: The Dual Protection Stainless Steel Water Tank of the LG water purifier keeps the water fresher and inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae. Its Dual Protection Seal keeps the water safe to drink, making it far more hygienic than a typical plastic tank.


2. Auto Smart Connect: This feature automatically connects the water purifier to your home inverter during a power outage, ensuring an uninterrupted purified water supply.


3. Multi-Stage Filtration: With its sophisticated multi-stage reverse osmosis (RO) technology, LG provides clean drinking water by eliminating impurities as small as 0.0001 micrometres through many stages of filtering. RO filtration produces extraordinarily pure drinking water by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals.


4. Digital Sterilizing Care: LG Digital Sterilising Care uses no hazardous chemicals to clean and sterilize waterways, including pipes, faucets, and hoses.


5. Mineral Booster: Mineral Booster adds essential minerals to the water like calcium and magnesium, making it healthier and tastier. This is how LG Water Purifiers retain the minerals, making drinking water healthier to consume.


6. Wall-Mounted Structure: The easy wall-mount structure suits look great for the kitchen aesthetics and makes it easier to fill your glass with pure drinking water each time.


7. LG water Purifier Certified by Heart Care Foundation: LG is a name associated with trust and great quality. Our water purifiers meet the criteria of Health Friendly Drinkable Water - certified by the Heart Care Foundation.


8. Great Taste, Every Time: By removing impurities that affect taste and odor, LG Purifiers deliver consistently refreshing water you'll love to drink.


9. Complimentary True Maintenance Package: LG Water Purifiers include a 1-year True Maintenance Package (on select models) Worth Rs.4200. Enjoy peace of mind with free scheduled service, filter replacements, and digital sterilization for worry-free, clean water.



LG's Best: Water Purifiers to Consider for Clean, Healthy Water

WW152NP - 8L RO+UV Water Purifier with Stainless Steel Tank, Black


Key Features:


• Stainless Steel Tank

• Ever Fresh UV Plus

• Multi-Stage Filtration Process

• Complementary True Maintenance Package


Following the lead of true preservation, true filtration, and true maintenance - this water purifier is ideal for your next home appliance purchase. With ace features like Dual Protection Stainless Steel Water Tank, Multi-Stage Filtration Process, Ever Fresh UV Plus, and more - it provides healthier drinking water without compromising on purity.


WW155NPB - 8L RO+UV+Mineral Booster Water Purifier, Steel Tank


Key Features:


• Mineral Booster

• Multi-Stage Filtration Process

• Auto Smart Connect

• Wall Mounted Design

• Certified by Heart Care Foundation



Ensure Balanced Hydration with LG: Safe, Mineral-Rich Water

This LG water purifier offers the complete package for healthy hydration. Its multi-stage filtration removes impurities while the innovative Mineral Booster replenishes essential minerals for clean, mineral-rich water. Wall-mounted design saves space, and Auto Smart Connect simplifies operation. Plus, certification by the Heart Care Foundation gives you peace of mind knowing you're drinking water that supports good health.


Clean drinking water is essential for maintaining a healthy life. With LG Purifiers' advanced technology, you can ensure the removal of harmful contaminants while retaining or adding essential minerals. With LG, you can relish pure & delicious water that keeps you hydrated and supports your well-being.


Raising Awareness About Alkaline and Copper Perceptions


In today's world, there's a growing awareness about the benefits of alkaline water and the use of copper in water purification. However, it's crucial to understand the full picture.


Alkaline water is often praised for its potential health benefits, but too much alkalinity can also be harmful. Similarly, copper-infused water can offer antimicrobial benefits, yet excessive copper intake can be detrimental.


How is LG different from others?


LG Water Purifiers are designed to provide you with the best of both worlds—clean, safe water that is rich in essential minerals. This ensures you get the health benefits without any of the potential downsides of excessive minerals like copper or overly alkaline water. This not only ensures it is safe but also beneficial for your health.


Here are some additional benefits of LG Purifiers to consider:


• Stylish Design: LG Purifiers complement your kitchen with their sleek and modern design.


• Convenient Features: Many models offer features like digital displays, auto shut-off, and indicator lights for filter replacement.


• Durability: LG Purifiers are built to last, offering years of reliable performance.


Invest in your health and well-being. Choose an LG Purifier today and experience the difference of clean, mineral-rich water!