With films like Avatar and Transformers 3, we’re starting to get used to seeing great 3D movies in the movie theater. But with so much awesome 3D technology all around us now, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, you might even say it’s a golden era for 3D fans out there and, for us here at LG, we couldn’t be having more fun! We don’t want to just to lead the way toward outstanding 3D TV technology. We’re developing an ecosystem of products that give consumers the opportunity to quickly and easily create and enjoy 3D content whenever and wherever, starting with devices that let them make their own movies and finishing off with all the tools they need to take pleasure in what they’ve created.

Just a few years ago, no one could even dream of making their own 3D movie. It costs a fortune and you need at least two top-end cameras to get it done. But now, with LG’s newest smartphone, the Optimus 3D, anyone can do it. Just take out your phone and start shooting! True, no one is going to mistake you for James Cameron, but the Optimus 3D has two 5megapixel HD cameras that record in 720p at a superfast 30fps, so we’ve got you covered when it comes to quality. The other cool thing about the Optimus 3D is that you can play that video back in 3D anywhere, even without glasses.




The LG 3D Ecosystem: Create, edit and enjoy your own 3D content

And when you come home, that’s when the fun really begins, when you share your newly created 3D content with your friends and family on the big screen, either through a quick and convenient HDMI connection that plugs right into the phone or, even easier, go wireless with DLNA.

Here’s where the LG CINEMA 3D TV and 3D Home Theater System really shine, because it’s all about family viewing. And because the LG CINEMA 3D TVs are certified Flicker-Free and have an exceptionally wide viewing angle, the entire family really can get in on the fun comfortably. No one has to crowd around the TV and there is none of the dizziness sometimes caused by conventional 3D TVs


Click here to see the video of the LG 3D Home Theater System



You might be even more amazed by the sound of what you created. With LG’s 3D Home Theater System, you don’t just hear sounds from behind or off to the side. The four tallboy speakers pump the sound upward so that it cascades down, fully enveloping you in a dome of sound as if you were right there at the scene (or right back where you took the video!). The sound is fuller, deeper, and no details are missed.

And that’s just the beginning. True aficionados are also going to want to be able to edit what they’ve created. At home, you’ve got two choices for that. First up is the LG D2342P-PN 3D monitor. It has a bright display with clear images and, like all LG CINEMA 3D TVs is certified “Flicker-Free”. Or, you can try the newly released D2000. It has all the benefits of the D2342 and you are freed from wearing glasses!

You read that correctly, no glasses are required to view 3D on the D2000 monitor. It’s pretty cool technology.

You can also enjoy life in 3D outside your house, using an XNOTE A510 3D laptop to play 3D games or watch 3D movies. And don’t worry about your eyes getting tired from watching the 3D images so close. LG created a special Tridef 3D shortcut key that allows you to adjust the depth of the 3D images so you can watch for as long as you want.

And you know the best part? For all LG 3D products, you can use the same pair of lightweight, affordable glasses. No need to spend any more money on glasses, and no need to sit uncomfortably. You really can just enjoy it.

No other home electronics manufacturer can make the same claim. The LG 3D ecosystem is a perfect fit for you 3D life!