What according to you your ideal commercial building be like? A workplace with amazing interiors, splash of colours and state of the art facility is everyone’s dream. Now, can you imagine the same without proper air-conditioning? Obviously, not!  An ideal office is an epitome of comfort and efficiency.


If you’re considering on replacing the existing HVAC system, then a VRF Air-conditioning system is the best choice. This relatively latest HVAC technology offers key benefits like:


High energy efficiency – up to 40% lower than conventional split AC’s

Higher comfort – due to quick response to required capacity from inverter compressors

Higher comfort in every season – with heating and cooling from the same system

Better aesthetics – with fewer outdoor units (1 outdoor unit can be connected to up to 44 indoor units)

Wide variety of indoor units – can be connected to the same

Longer refrigerant piping – up to 1 Km of total piping

Introducing LG VRF Air-conditioning system – LG Multi V (top discharge), LG Multi V S (side discharge) & LG Multi V W (water cooled) VRF Air-conditioning systems – They deliver excellence like no other.



What is LG Multi V?

‘Vitalize every environment’, LG swears by it. From buildings to residences to factories,  LG Multi V Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are considered to be the most versatile and powerful system air-conditioners. Apart from providing exceptional comfort, energy efficiency and reliability, they come with other tangible benefits such as cost effectiveness and easy installation & maintenance.


LG VRF air-conditioning systems are the best suited for all sectors including offices, hospitality, healthcare, education, residential, factories, retail, infrastructure and others. Discover the perfect air-conditioning solution for your needs with a wide range of LG commercial air-conditioning systems.

Why is LG Multi V VRF the Best Option?

LG Multi V offers world class efficiency with smart load control, active refrigerant control & HiPORTM technology

To save energy, the Multi V system changes indoor discharge air temperature continuously according to the load. The HiPORTM technology enables oil to return to the compressor directly instead of through the suction pipe, minimizing energy losses and improving efficiency by 6% to 33%.


Active refrigerant control automatically monitors and adjusts the volume of refrigerant circulated during each cycle, improving energy efficiency.


LG Multi V Offers Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

The outdoor unit coil fins are coated with LG’s exclusive Ocean Black fin coating and a hydrophilic coating. The exceptional durability of the corrosion resistance coating prolongs the product’s lifespan and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership.


LG Multi V Operates Quietly

The cannon fan has been optimized to make less noise and deliver higher air volume with high efficiency.


Powerful & quick Cooling / Heating for higher comfort

The All inverter compressor system and high performance cycle design lets LG Multi V VRF Air-conditioning system deliver fast cooling or heating by operating two compressors simultaneously. It maintains the operation at a mild cooling mode around the set temperature. Experience a more comfortable indoor environment.


Longer piping lengths with LG Multi V VRF

LG’s superior design offers a total piping length of 1000 metres, 110 metres height difference between the outdoor unit and the lowest indoor unit and many more features.


LG Hydrokit can be used for hot water generation up to 80 deg. C with VRF systems

This is an ideal solution for offices, hotels, hospitals and all spaces where hot water is required.


Apart from these, there are many other advantages over conventional HVAC systems.


The new range of air conditioning systems from LG are based on Greenovation, a pro-environment concept that is dedicated towards the designing of an energy saving commercial air-conditioning system. https://www.lg.com/in/business/air-conditioning

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