LG Commercial Washing Machine: A Game Changer in Laundry Solutions

LG Commercial Washing Machine: A Game Changer in Laundry Solutions


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Washing clothes manually can become an insurmountable problem for individuals, especially office goers, students, and people living away from home in independent houses or flats. LG Commercial Laundry Solutions is a saviour for these people, offering effective solutions for large loads with quicker wash cycle times compared to domestic laundry machines. But what sets LG Commercial Laundry Solutions apart from their domestic counterparts? Let’s delve deeper into the key differences and features of LG's commercial laundry systems.


Understanding LG Commercial Laundry Solutions

LG Commercial Laundry Solutions are high-tech washers and dryers designed for businesses. They boast faster wash times, improved energy efficiency, and gentle care for clothes, making them ideal for handling large laundry volumes. LG commercial laundry systems are all about helping businesses process massive amounts of laundry efficiently and effectively.


LG commercial laundry is all about helping businesses process large volumes of laundry at a mass level. Commercial laundry is not just about profits and making businesses bigger. It is also a leap of innovation that comes with features like a 150-litre tub, Gyro Balancing System, and more. Let’s explore more about the LG commercial laundry systems.


LG Laundry Solutions

On-Premises Laundry




What's New in LG Commercial Laundry?

LG Commercial Laundry systems have various worthy features. Here are some specific characteristics that would help you know commercial washing machines better:


   • Faster: The LG Gyro Balancing Sensor carefully measures the movement of the tub to initiate the best washing cycle algorithm, so that it ends in 36 minutes.


   • Smarter: The LG Smart Solution is now accessible! The best approach to maximise your profit is to have remote oversight of your laundromat's activities. This is made easier than ever with LG's Remote Monitoring App.


   • Healthier: Use LG Hygiene Care System to consistently maintain clean washers. Your washers can now be sanitised before, during, and following each load.


   • Stronger: LG's professional-grade parts are designed to withstand frequent use, which translates into more profitability and fewer repairs. Our robust Inverter Direct Drive Motor is paired with innovative Gyro Balancing System technology to reduce vibration and friction.


Features of LG Commercial Laundry Systems

    • 150L Tub Capacity: The massive 150L drum tackles bulky comforters, bed linens, and uniforms with ease.  Wash fewer loads and free up valuable time in your busy laundry day.


    • No Noise, Only Clean Clothes: With a Gyro Balancing System, commercial laundry solutions are designed to last. LG's Gyro Balancing Sensor precisely detects the tub movement to activate the most proper algorithm for the washing cycle, ensuring it finishes within 36 minutes. LG's professional-grade parts are built to last repeated use, meaning fewer repairs and more profits.


How does it function?

    Step 1 - Noise + Vibration During Washing

    Step 2 - Gyro Sensor Detection

    Step 3 - Noise + Vibration Reduction


*Noise levels may vary based on machine settings & other factors.


    • Dual Spin Algorithm: Normal sensing mode and hyper sensing mode are the two options available for the Dual Spin Algorithm. Depending on where the installation will take place, you can select the best spin algorithm. In situations where time is of the essence, including a laundromat, you may choose the standard sensing mode. Additionally, you can choose the hyper-sensing option if low vibration or noise is an important consideration, as in an apartment or dorm.


    • Smart Control for Smart Business: LG takes laundry management to the next level with LG Smart Solution. This cloud-based system lets you monitor machines remotely, track wash cycles, and even receive alerts – all from your phone or computer. Manage your business smarter and save time with LG's innovative commercial laundry solutions. This smart control makes business smarter. 


    • 3+1 Hygiene Care Laundry System: Wash with confidence! LG's 3+1 Hygiene Care keeps your laundry fresh and your washers sparkling clean. Pre-wash and post-wash cycles target tough stains and residues, while a dedicated Hygiene Cycle eliminates germs. Plus, the washer itself sanitises periodically to prevent mould growth. Experience hygienically clean laundry with LG!


    • Dual Inverter Motor: This innovative Dual Inverter Motor delivers consistent, powerful washing with less noise and vibration. Plus, it offers exceptional durability, minimising downtime, and maintenance costs. Wash efficiently and reliably with LG's commercial laundry solutions.


How Is It Different from Domestic Washing Solutions?

Domestic and commercial laundry are two concepts that lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. Here are the key differences between the two:


    • Capacity: Home washers handle loads between 5-10 kg, suitable for small families. Commercial machines, on the other hand, are powerhouses, tackling massive loads from 10 kg to a whopping 15 kg - perfect for the high-volume laundry needs of hotels, restaurants, and laundromats.


   • Cleaning Power: Domestic machines offer basic cleaning, often struggling with stubborn stains and bacteria. Commercial washers, however, boast high temperatures and powerful cycles, ensuring deep cleaning and disinfection, crucial for businesses that require hygienically clean linens.


   • Features: Home laundry is all about simplicity, with basic wash and spin cycles. Commercial machines go far beyond, offering specialised features like delicate cycles for comforters, allergen removal for sensitive skin, steam cleaning for deep sanitization, and even chemical injection for precise cleaning of different fabrics.


   • Automation & Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual settings! Commercial washers boast programmable cycles for repetitive tasks, automatic dispensing systems that eliminate over-dosing detergent, and load-sensing technology that optimises water usage for each load. This translates to significant time savings and improved efficiency for your business.


   • Cost: While domestic washers come with a lower initial price tag, frequent use can result in higher utility bills. Commercial washers, despite a higher upfront cost, offer potential long-term savings. Faster processing times mean more loads are completed in a single day, reducing labour costs. Additionally, many commercial models are designed for efficiency, potentially lowering your water and energy bills.


   • Maintenance: Domestic machines require basic cleaning, but commercial washers demand a more attentive approach. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance and a longer lifespan for your commercial laundry investment. It may involve scheduled cleaning and service by a professional.


   • Environmental Impact: While domestic washers offer little control over water and energy usage, eco-friendly commercial models can significantly reduce your



Domestic Washing Machine

LG Commercial Washing Machine


Typically smaller, suitable for household loads (5-10 kg)

Larger capacity, designed for commercial use (10 - 15 kg)

Washing Speed

Generally slower

Faster washing cycles for efficiency


May not be as robust, designed for occasional use

Built to withstand frequent, heavy-duty usage


Basic features such as various wash cycles and load size options

Advanced features like programmable controls, multiple wash programs, and industrial-grade materials. Can be managed by App.


 environmental footprint. These machines are equipped with advanced features that optimise water usage and minimise energy consumption during each wash cycle. It translates to cost savings for your business and a smaller impact on the planet.


Energy Efficiency

Varied, may not prioritize energy efficiency

Often designed with energy-saving features

Water Usage

May use more water per cycle

Designed for efficiency, may use less water per cycle


Lower initial cost

Higher initial investment, but potentially lower cost per load over time due to efficiency and durability

Warranty and Support

Limited warranty and support compared to commercial products

Typically comes with commercial warranties and better support options

Maintenance Requirements

Generally easier to maintain

May require professional maintenance and servicing due to complexity


   • Suitability: For small households with regular laundry needs, domestic washers are a perfect fit. Their compact size and basic features are ideal for everyday loads. However, commercial washers are built for power. Their massive capacity, heavy-duty cleaning cycles, and specialised features make them the perfect solution for businesses like, hotels, restaurants, and laundromats that require high-volume laundry processing, deep cleaning for heavily soiled items, or specific cleaning needs for delicate fabrics or allergen removal.


Powering Business Innovation: Exploring LG's Commercial Product Line


    • Giant-C Max Washer – The Giant-C Max Washer features a drum volume of 3.7 cu.ft and dimensions of 27* 38.7* 30.2 It comes with both non-heater and heater options.


    • Giant C Pro Dryer – Comes with both GAS and Electric options. The drum volume is 7.3 cu. ft. The dryer features enhanced ventilation for efficient drying.


    • Titan-C Max Washer – It has a 5.2 cubic foot drum with dimensions of 29 x 40.8 x 32 inches. It features a stainless-steel drum and offers 5-wash program.


    • Titan-C Light Dryer – It has a drum volume of 9.0 cubic feet with dimensions 29 x 40.2 x 31.9 inches. It offers 4 wash programs and has a ventilation drying system.


Benefits of LG Commercial Laundry Systems for Businesses.

• Maximized Efficiency and Productivity:


With faster washing cycles and larger capacities, businesses can process more laundry in less time. This is especially beneficial for hotels, hospitals, and laundromats where high volumes of laundry need to be processed quickly and efficiently.


• Cost Savings:


Despite a higher initial investment, LG commercial washers offer long-term cost benefits. The energy-efficient models reduce electricity and water usage, leading to lower utility bills. The durable construction and high-quality parts mean fewer repairs and replacements, further cutting down on maintenance costs.


• Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:


For businesses like hotels and spas, providing freshly laundered, hygienically clean linens and towels is crucial. The advanced cleaning power and hygiene features of LG commercial washers ensure that linens are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, improving the overall customer experience.


• Sustainability:


LG commercial laundry solutions are designed with eco-friendliness in mind. By optimizing water and energy usage, these machines help businesses reduce their environmental footprint. This not only benefits the planet but also appeals to environmentally conscious customers.


• Smart Business Management:


The LG Smart Solution system offers remote monitoring and management capabilities, allowing business owners to track machine usage, monitor cycles, and receive maintenance alerts. This level of control helps in managing operations more effectively and maximizing profits.