The TV technology has been constantly evolving, bringing newer and better dimensions to TV watching experience. Right from the shape, size to the resolution and picture quality. That’s what matters the most! And the latest innovation in TV technology is the LG Curved OLED TV that takes TV watching experience to whole new level altogether!


The beautifully designed curved TV boasts of a big 55 screen and a picture quality like no other. The screen has been curved to naturally fit your vision range and provide a comfortable view without any distortion from all angles. Besides, LG’s 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel that modifies the conventional colors of red, green, and blue, and enhances both colour range and accuracy and clarity. And as the pixels light themselves, without any backlighting, the colours are far more accurate than ever before, enabling natural expression of every shade and hue. So you get splendid, life-like images every time. Moreover the response speed of LG OLED TV is over one thousand times faster than LED TV. Allowing you to enjoy fast moving scenes like sports or action movies with completely blur-free, crystal-clear pictures; the way you see in real life.


But it’s not just the brilliant picture quality the LG OLED TV boasts of; there is whole gamut of features that makes it a really smart machine. The LG OLED TV comes with webOS that will change the way you perceive a smart TV. For it is really intuitive and easy to operate unlike the other Smart TVs where you get lost in the maze of a complex user interface. To make things even more comfortable the OLED TV comes with ‘Touch Controls’ with touch keys under the screen that allows for intuitive and elegant control of the TV’s basic functions.


LG OLED TV is the new generation television that is not just a mere evolution, but a revolution.
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