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Lg Music Flow: Live In Flowing Sound


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    Has anyone ever heard saying, “I don’t love music”. Probably none! And everyone will agree to the fact that music is an integral part of our lives. It swings our mode from a gloomy state to a lively frame of mind. It puts a one year toddler to sleep, patches up a quarrelling couple, excites a granny to do a twist and what not.


    People are so mesmerized by music, that they carry it along with them wherever they go. Different companies from around the world too have appreciated this passion and have utilized the technological advancement to enable people live or move with the comfort of quality music.


    LG Music Flow


    And if music is so wonderful, why not enable people to live with music that flows like a stream and follow them wherever they go. LG’s unique Music Flow Portable Bluetooth Speaker gives you the freedom to play music on the go. So you can simply grab it and hit the road to play your favorite classic or a country.


    Not only this, you can charge the in-built battery and play up to 9 hrs. or if you are indoor, you can charge with the cable and listen simultaneously. You can even pair 2 wireless speakers and enjoy surround sound for a new level of audio quality. These speakers also sync well with compatible LG TV. So you can watch your favorite TV shows with surround sound.


    LG Music Flow


    One of the most unique features of this mini blaster is that, you can connect it simultaneously with 3 Bluetooth devices. Now you can switch from one device to another for the ultimate listening freedom. It has got Superior Sound, thanks to LG Auto Sound engine with two passive radiators which provides full range sound and clarity at any listening level.


    But how to do you connect with Bluetooth devices? Simply install the Music Flow Bluetooth App in your Bluetooth device, sync it and play it wherever you want. Let the music flow from one speaker to another at your command. Experience crystal clear sound as you play it indoor or outdoor with friends in a picnic or simply lazing out in the greens.


    Enjoy music on the go or live in with the flowing music!

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