Did you ever snap a picture of that complex diagram you drew on your office white board so you can make space to draw another?

Just a year ago, even that solution was pretty high-tech. Snap the photo with your smartphone, beam it via email to the server, and then download it to your PC where you’ll recreate the image using some graphics program before popping it into a PowerPoint presentation for next week’s big sales meeting

Not bad. But what if there was a better way, something that lets you be even more creative and that fosters better team collaboration at the same time? LG’s new Pentouch TV can accomplish both, while at the same time even handling mundane tasks like helping you to take and share meeting notes.

It is the newest high-tech device in the office arsenal and here’s how it works: First, it’s based on plasma TV display technology, which produces its own infrared waves that are invisible to the naked eye, with each cell on the TV’s display emitting its own signal organically. The special pens that come with the TV are calibrated to home in on each and every cell so that the computer knows precisely where the pen is pointing. Using easy-to-install and easy-to-use software, all you need to do is install the program onto a computer and connect it with the Pentouch TV.

The touch pen recognizes the plasma light cells emitted from the panel and the TV precisely pinpoints the position on the screen

This simple and elegant solution now makes it possible for the user to not only be able to handle icons on the screen just like a wireless mouse, but also to write and draw directly into documents and presentation files with precision. You can even use the pen to highlight whole sections that you want to remember or have stand out, achieving exactly the same translucent effect you get with a real highlighter pen in any color you want.

Now think again about that meeting with your colleagues. Instead of a whiteboard and marker, you can pick up the LG Pentouch TV and draw that diagram directly into the PowerPoint file that you’ll use for the sales presentation and save it instantaneously. You can also recall and edit pictures, documents, and presentations that you’ve created and saved elsewhere.

Even getting reference materials during the meeting is easy. As long as you’re connected to the internet, just open a browser and use the pen to search for what you want as you normally do with a mouse. In this case, imagine doing it seamlessly while you’re standing and talking during the meeting. You’ll never miss a beat. And when you do find the page that you want, you can capture the information with the pen and drop it into your presentation. It’s that simple.

By simple clicking with internet connection, you can immediately share the meeting discussion points with your colleagues

And it’s not just a time saver. It also holds the promise to change our communication paradigms. Instead of starting each meeting with a static stack of paper documents or blank white board, now we can start with an open document on a big screen—take your pick from any of the programs in the MS Office suite—and, with the two pens provided, share stories and create ideas as a group more effectively and in real time.

It’s not hard to imagine the fun you can have with the LG Pentouch TV. LG also provides highly valuable creativity software that will really let your artistic side shine. But when the meeting starts, when it’s all about great communication and exceptional productivity, that’s where a true professional armed with the latest technology can really make a difference.