LG EverCool is one of the India Insights products that understand Indian conditions and acts according to it to give you healthy surprises. It is the only refrigerator that understands Indian climate better than any other refrigerator. Powered with the Innovative PowercutEvercool Technology, the new range of LG Frost Free Refrigerators provides longest cool air retention in the refrigerator section for more than 7 hours during long power cuts. It has a slotted valve in the upper part of the refrigerator that opens and spreads down. So whenever there is a power cut, it provides cooling at all sections of the refrigerator and retains it for 7 hours. So now you can really enjoy your chilled beverages and avoid spoilage of dairy and other food products even if there’s a long power cut.


The PowercutEverCool technology is available in five frost-free models ranging from 258 to 360 liters and four direct cool models between 185 and 235 liters.


LG EverCool refrigerators with specially designed ice trays make ice 20% faster and also features like Convertible Box and Bottle Rack features ensure optimized space utilization. Now it’s easier to keep vegetables and fruits fresher and crispier as it prevents excess moisture from forming while retaining just the right amount of moisture to increase freshness. The grid patterned crisper cover condenses extra humidity and evaporates moisture from the grid pattern, allowing maintaining the freshness for longer. In extremely hot weather, these double door refrigerators would work wonders in saving food from degenerating. Its unique GIDC technology fights bacteria, eliminates odor, slows decay and maintains an even temperature inside the refrigerator. Moreover, its Tower LED light is brighter, durable, energy efficient and cooler. So, an LG refrigerator at your home makes you contribute to a greener planet for years.


LG Electronics, a worldwide innovative technology leader constantly pushes technological limits to create feature-rich stylish products that meet the global consumer needs. LG certainly knows how to make people’s life great and for a decade now it has been celebrating health and freshness. Now with a 10 year warranty on compressor of the refrigerator you have more reasons to smile with an expert to rely on, time and after.


Explore LG Power Cut EverCool technology here – http://www.lg.com/in/evercoolrefrigerator