LG XBOOM XL7S: The Ultimate Outdoor Party Speaker

LGXBOOM XL7S: The Ultimate Outdoor Party Speaker


When it comes to hosting an unforgettable outdoor party, the choice of a party speaker can make all the difference. You want a speaker that not only packs a powerful punch but also offers array of features to keep the good times rolling


Let's dive into what makes this LG XBOOM XL7S outdoor party speaker a standout choice.


Unleash the Power of Sound


The LG XBOOM XL7S is all about delivering sound that's simply massive. With a whopping 250W output, it is built to fill even the largest party venues with booming bass and crystal-clear high notes. This speaker is designed to make sure your music is the life of the party.


• A Visual Extravaganza


But it's not all about sound. This speaker also boasts an Animated Pixel Display that adds a visual dimension to your party. You can create your personalized message display with colorful text patterns, visual equalizer effects, and even characters on the LED panel, all easily managed through the XBOOM App.


• Seamless Connectivity


This powerful speaker boasts seamless connectivity, keeping the party flowing effortlessly. Enjoy stable Bluetooth pairing to effortlessly connect your devices and stream your favourite playlists. Take control of the atmosphere with the XBOOM App, available on both Android and iOS. Apply sound effects directly from your phone or unleash your inner DJ using the intuitive DJ Pad on the speaker itself. The XBOOM XL7s puts the power of the party experience right at your fingertips.


• Be the Star of Your Party


Karaoke enthusiasts will find a lot to love here. With the LG XBOOM XL7s you can turn any gathering into a karaoke extravaganza. Plug in your microphone and sing your heart out, or connect a guitar and host your acoustic concert. The speaker also provides additional connectivity options, including a guitar input, USB, Bluetooth, and microphone inputs. You can add vocal effects, set mic level and echo level – taking the entire party a notch ahead.


• Party All Night Long


Don't worry about running out of power during your party. The LG XBOOM XL7S offers up to 20 hours of battery life, ensuring the music keeps going long into the night. You won't be tethered to a power outlet, allowing you to enjoy your party without interruption.


You can charge your phone with a USB port in XBOOM, eliminating the hassles of carrying a power bank.


• Light Up the Party


No party is complete without some eye-catching lights to match the music. The LG XBOOM XL7S features Multi Color Ring Lighting that dances along with your music, adding a dynamic energy to the festivities. You can select your best three colors for ring light which you can select through XBOOM app. Relish your laid-back evenings with these outdoor party speakers and experience the best with your family & loved ones.


• Portability and Convenience


Planning to take your party on the go? The LG XBOOM XL7S has you covered. With its telescopic handle and wheels, it's incredibly easy to transport. The tilt-back design allows you to carry it like a piece of luggage, making it the ideal companion for any mobile celebration


• End the Party with a Blast


The LG XBOOM XL7S is more than just an outdoor party speaker; it's a party powerhouse. With its immense sound, personalized visual display, seamless connectivity, it has 2 inputs for mic and guitar, extended battery life, and dynamic lighting; it's the complete package for your outdoor events. If you want your parties to stand out and be remembered, the LG XBOOM XL7S is the ultimate choice.


Say goodbye to ordinary gatherings and hello to a new era of outdoor entertainment with the LG XBOOM XL7S. It's time to host parties that are defined by incredible sound, dazzling visuals, and non-stop fun. This is the speaker that will make your gatherings legendary. Don't settle for less; choose the LG XBOOM XL7S for your next outdoor party and elevate your celebrations to new heights.


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