Looking for the Best Microwave Oven? Read Here!

Looking for the Best Microwave Oven? Read Here!


A microwave oven is indeed a versatile electronic appliance that eases the cooking requirements. One may use it for Baking, grilling, frying, steaming, roasting, boiling, etc.


Microwave ovens can be a single-point solution where you can use a wide range of cooking utensils for cooking a plethora of Indian & continental dishes like –


• Air Fryer

• Milk Boiler

• Tandoor

• Steamer

• Bar-be-que

• Traditional Oven

• Toaster

• Rice Cooker

• Idli Maker

• Kettle

Having electronic equipment such as a microwave oven at home can be very advantageous. Our ovens can help you cook food that is healthy as they can retain nutrition. They make use of less oil, and the food never gets overcooked. In fact, microwave ovens make cooking more convenient, faster, and reliable. Moreover, no continuous monitoring is required. Microwave ovens use magnetrons to produce microwaves, which create oscillations in water molecules inside food particles. Thus, food is cooked from inside to outside, which leads to faster and even cooking.


In this article, we will look at the advantages of using the best microwave oven and the defining aspects of the microwave ovens offered by us at LG.


We, at LG leverage innovative and smart technologies to make your life easier. Here are the reasons, why LG Microwave Oven is best choice for all types of cooking that you can do effortlessly in your home:

• Charcoal Lighting Heater

With LG microwave oven, healthy cooking and hearty flavour are at your finger tips. Our new range of convection microwave ovens with Charcoal technology helps maintain natural flavours and makes the dish crunchy from the outside and juicy from the inside It is a unique feature in LG microwave ovens and can be perfect for barbeque and tandoori cooking.

• Healthy Heart Menu

We at LG care about your health. LG Microwave Oven comes with 30 Healthy Heart recipes certified by Heart Care Foundation of India. This offers various breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes under autocook menu to take care of your heart’s health.

• Auto Cook Menu

LG Microwave oven comes with the largest Auto Cook Menu range, offering 401 recipes which includes various Indian cuisines, Continental dishes, desserts, Child’s favourite recipes, Exotic Breads, Bakery Items & much more.

• Prepare Ghee in 12 minutes

The latest LG microwave oven models can help make hygienic Ghee with no smell.

• India Roti

Making Indian rotis has never been easier. You can prepare up to 28 different types of exotic Indian rotis at the touch of a button. Cook delicious naans, tandoori rotis, lachcha paranthas & much more without any hassles. There is no need for you to get food from outside and compromise your health when you can cook exotic bread more hygienically at home.

• Pasteurized Milk

LG Microwave Oven offers, pasteurization of milk at your fingertip, without any monitoring/ spillage. It not only retains nutrition but also removes bacteria.

• Paneer & Curd

Preparing perfectly blended and hygienically prepared curd and paneer is no longer a dream. The LG microwave ovens allow you to make soft and delicious paneer at home without using any chemicals or enzymes.

• Diet Fry

With the diet-free feature of LG microwaves, you can enjoy crispy delights without worrying about the oil. You can enjoy samosas and pakoras guilt free with up to 88% less oil.

• Neo Chef Design

The latest generation of the LG NeoChef ovens are more compact than their predecessor, but with a larger interior capacity of 42L.

• STS Cavity

The stainless-steel cavity in our microwave ovens enhances the overall performance of the appliance. It makes the inside free of rust, easy to clean, and durable.

• Quartz Heater

It is a concealed heater present in our latest range of microwave ovens, which ensures safe cooking and helps avoid hand injuries.


LG Microwave Ovens are Made in India & Made for Indians offering various Indian dishes, halwas & much more.


Final Thoughts

Our range of microwave wave ovens is reliable and provides customer satisfaction. We ensure that our products are best in class and offer optimal performance. We at LG also have other electronic products such as laptopsair conditionerswashing machines and more.


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