Just when you think that summer has arrived, bringing a pack of heat along, and you’re looking for a refuge. Imagine yourself in a hill station, facing a nice, cool breeze from the Himalayas. Well, it does feel nice, eh? Now with your job and other things in life how long would you be able to stay there, beating the heat and chilling in the lovely weather. Moreover you weren’t there, you were thinking.


But every problem comes with a solution.


And we at LG are ready with it:


How about we bring the same atmosphere in your room? Read on.


Introducing the all-new Terminator LG Air Conditioner series, with the unique Himalaya Cool & Monsoon Comfort technology that ensure you stay comfortable no matter how hot the weather is.  Its new stylish wave design provides instant cooling to you by focusing on cooling the living space through smart airflow & 2 times faster vertical air swing.  Activated by a one touch key on the remote controller, this technology cools up the room 28% faster.



But that’s not all, the terminator series is loaded with innovative features and technologies that not just provide for an effective and comfortable cooling but also protect your family from mosquitoes while saving energy up to 28%. Also, 3M Micro and Dual protection filter ensures that you always breathe in pure air.


The LG Air Conditioner comes with India’s First Mosquito Away Technology which promises to give you undisturbed & comfortable sleep, while protecting your family from mosquito-borne diseases. This revolutionary technology is the result of extensive research that identified an optimal ultrasonic wave range that mosquitoes are unable to stand. And since no harmful chemicals are used, it is also odour-free.



Besides, its Monsoon Comfort technology provides the right cooling during high humidity and monsoon season. As compared to the normal dehumidification mode in other air conditioners, the monsoon comfort technology prevents overcooling and saves energy up to 36.4%. To ensure that every corner of room is cooled to give comfort in every corner of room, the AC has 4-Directional Auto air swing feature. Its Auto Clean feature dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mould and bacteria from breeding. The innovative energy saving mode helps to consume minimum energy while maintaining body comfort by applying Body Adaptation Time Algorithm (BATA). And the brilliant machine comes with special glow buttons on the remote control that helps you in easy operation at night.


Now, isn’t it nice to own an AC that provides more cooling, more protection, less power consumption! When it’s all possible, life’s good.


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