The True Water Purifier


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The importance of safe and pure drinking water cannot be denied and is often talked about. And due to the hectic lifestyles and increasing levels of pollution and impurities/contaminants in food items as well, it becomes all more important that we make access to safe and pure drinking water a surety in order to stay healthier!


To make sure that you always get hygienic care beyond purity when it comes to drinking water, we at LG have come up with  LG True Water Purifier. It is India’s first purifier with a Stainless Steel Tank which provides for a pure and more hygienic storage as compared to the plastic storage tank of any other RO. It’s a lesser known fact that after 6 hours the water stored in the plastic tank of the RO is not so safe because impurities start building in. Which is not the case with LG water purifier as it initiates a UV Cycle Sterilization process for 30 min after every 6 hours providing you healthy and pure water always.


Besides here are other features of the LG Water Purifier that totally differentiate it from normal RO and help in providing you safer and pure drinking water:

True Filtration:


Multi Stage RO Filtration:
Get purified water for drinking all the time, even during the rainy season.



True Preservation:

Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank™:
Airtight Sealing Tank Cover and Stainless Steel Tank for complete protection.

EverFresh UV Cycle™:
No need to switch off WPR when out of the town. Just get fresh water immediately when coming from tour or vacation.

True Maintenance :



Digital Sterilizing Care™:

Inside cleaning of all water path, regularly through Digital Sterilizing Care™, keeps product and water clean, safe & hygienic.



2-in-1 Water Solution™:
Provide additional cleaning water with Fruits & vegetables.


Anytime Water:
No need to worry for operating product or store extra water when power is cut off.

Flexible Installation:
Easy to install wherever you want to, according to the kitchen environment.


Large Water Tank (8L):
No need to store extra water for drinking or cleaning.

With LG True Water Purifier make sure you and your family members enjoy hygienic care beyond purity and get safe and pure drinking water all the time. Because it’s time to say yes to a healthier and better life. With LG, it’s all possible!

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