Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Washing Machine This Monsoon

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Washing Machine This Monsoon


Washing machines have undoubtedly become an essential appliance in households, and with all the technological enhancements, it can be a task to pick the right one. In addition, washing machines come in diverse types with distinctive features, which may or may not be present in every range.


When navigating the type and price of washing machines in India, it is imperative to consider things like capacity, load, function, and budget. Before finalizing your decision, let’s understand its types and features more thoroughly. Let us look:

2 Types of Washing Machines: A Brief Overview

Fully Automatic

The washing process is fully automatic in this type of washing machine, requiring minimal human effort. It only has a single tub for washing and drying. Hence, one only needs to take the clothes out after the wash is complete, nothing more. To categorize further, fully automatic washing machines have two types: front-loading washing machines and top loading washing machines.





Here, some amount of human labor is involved in the washing process. This is because semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs separate for washing and drying. The only plus point to consider is that they are inexpensive compared to fully automatic ones.

Walking Through Multiple Features of LGs Washing Machines 

Now comes the part which will help you to finalize the purchase. But first, let us examine and understand the various features of LGs washing machines. Let’s dive into it, shall we?


For a family of 1 to 2 members, go for LG's 5 kg or less; for 2 to 3 members, LG's 5-7 kg washing machines will work best. Finally, if you have four or more members, LG's washing machine with 8 kg or more capacity will be an ideal fit. To sum up, from 6 Kg to 11 kg, LG covers a wide range of capacities in washing machines. So, keep this scale of measurement in mind before you head out for your shopping spree.

Insight into 3 Exceptional Features of LG Washing Machines 



This feature detects the total weight of your laundry while detecting the softness of your fabric. On this basis, it determines an optimized wash pattern that brings out the best washing results with minimal fabric damage.

TurboWash 360°   


Clean your laundry in 39 minutes with the novel TurboWash 360° feature with top-class fabric protection. Along with 4 directions of 3D multi nozzles, LG washing machines reach every inch of your laundry while maintaining exceptional hygiene levels.




We all want to save time on the tiring ironing process, don’t we? This feature removes up to 99.9% of allergens while reducing wrinkles by 30%, making your laundry fresh and toasty in no time.


Wash Settings


Wash programs, water level alternatives and gentle wash for delicate clothes let you customize how you want your clothes to be washed. LG's fully automatic washing machines make it happen through a touch screen for maximum convenience. They are exclusively designed to save time, efforts, and labour.


Material of the Tub


The tub can be made of porcelain enamel, stainless steel, or plastic. We advise picking stainless steel as it is the best of the three, with plastic being the second best. Porcelain enamel tends to chip off as more time passes. At LG, our washing machines have hygienic and durable stainless-steel tubs that allows you to wash bulky items like curtains and duvet at home.

Spin cycle


This feature incorporates the drying part of the entire process. The number of revolutions per minute determines it. The higher the number of courses is, the better your clothes will get dried, giving a clothes a warm and toasty feeling. Our LG washing machines are designed to offer 1400 revolutions per minute, resulting in clean and fresh clothes in a short span of time.


Temperature control


LG's best washing machines come with an inbuilt heater for better treatment of your clothing. It is a fact that warm water is better when washing clothes, especially in winter. At LG, we understand that managing the temperature as per your personal needs is a blessing in disguise.


Thus, our steam feature maintains the even temperature inside the washing tub and combined with LG Allergy Care, it reduces up to 99.9% virus in your laundry. Additionally, LG washing machines also promises wrinkle-free clothes with our optimal Wrinkle Care feature.


LG ThinQ Technology


In this new age of digitization, LG has enabled smart laundry with Wi-Fi. Our ThinQ technology lets you monitor and operate laundry, anytime, anywhere. You can use download cycle or track energy consumption to add a range of new washing cycles.

Live the LG Life

Considering all the above-stated factors, picking the most suitable washing machine for you should be easy. LG's washing machines are available offline and online with the best price, utility, and convenience. So let LG back your right choice for a practical, long-lasting purchase.

Make your laundry days fun with the latest technology incorporated by LG.

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