Why should we use a clothes dryer?


In a world where time dances to the rhythm of our modern lives, a Clothes Dryer becomes a symbol of convenience for most households. A Clothes dryer have not only transformed the way we handle our laundry but have also improved our everyday comfort. It also provides limitless benefits, including better hygiene and better fabric preservation.

A Clothes Dryer is no longer just for the monsoon season; today's erratic weather conditions have made dryers a year-round necessity. Additionally, this indispensable device adds significantly to maintaining flawless hygiene standards by reducing exposure to external allergens and germs, ensuring your fabrics stay fresh and clean.


What are the benefits of clothes dryer?

A Clothes dryer is a multipurpose household appliance suitable for use throughout the year. Although drying clothes is a lengthier process and is dependent on factors such as humidity. If done outdoors, there's also the risk of clothes developing unpleasant odours. But Clothes Dryer majorly helps you get over these problems and consistently delivers speedy & efficient drying no matter the weather.


A Clothes Dryer delivers crisp, fresh-smelling, dry, germ-free clothes at any time of the year, whether it is during the humid summer, during protracted rainy spells, or even when sunshine is limited.


I. Get that fluffy ‘hotel towel feel’ in your own home

Air-drying towels can harm their fibres, leading to a rough texture. But using a dryer flexes and bends the fibres - breaking bonds between them to create a soft, fluffy feel. This process is the same as the luxurious feel of hotel towels..


II Protects the clothes and household linens against bacteria

Pollutants and allergens in the outdoor air may stick to clothes dried outside. Moreover, drying clothes in the sun exposes them to smells, smog, dust, and UV light fading. These problems are of particular concern for pet owners and families with small children. However, utilising a Clothes Dryer can limit your exposure to these toxins, keeping your surroundings and your clothes hygienic.


III Spend less time and effort on laundry drying

Just getting the clothing into the washer and waiting for it to finish is half the work. Drying wet clothing by air on clotheslines or racks can take up to a full day. However, by drying several loads of clothing in one day, a clothes dryer helps you save time.


Even though the amount of laundry might affect drying time frames, a typical cycle usually takes 1 to 2 hours to finish drying. This is ideal for people with busy schedules to ensure that their wardrobe is always ready to wear.


You can rapidly wash, dry, and store your garments using a dryer and avoid waiting for them to air dry.


IV Dries Oversized Items Easily

Due to their lengthy drying times, washing and drying heavy items like blankets and curtains might disrupt your regular laundry schedule. However, a Clothes Dryer can swiftly handle these bulky objects, making them easier to wash. In addition, a Dryer with different cycles can easily handle towel stacks and home upholstery, ensuring you always have clean linens handy.


Choosing the right dryer: The benefits of Heat Pump Dryers

I Effective Space Utilization

LG Dryers offer great drying performance and can fit into a minimal kitchen corner replacing the need for heavy clotheslines. Moreover, if you buy a standalone LG Heat Pump Dryer, you may install it separately or next to your washing machine depending on how much space you have available.


If you have a dedicated space at home, invest in LG WashTower™. It offers a space-saving design with clothes dryer to cater to different laundry needs. Its Heat Pump technology supports flexible installation, making it a great choice. The uni-body design features a washer on the bottom and a dryer on top. This model also comes with a centralised control panel for easy operation.


II Energy Efficient Technology: The Advantages of Heat Pump Dryers

When choosing a dryer, energy efficiency is a key factor, which brings us to compare electric and gas dryers with heat pump dryers. Heat pump dryers offer benefits like energy efficiency, quiet operation, and less heat loss.


Electric and gas dryers warm air in the drum to dry clothes, but this warm air is then expelled, resulting in heat loss and energy waste.


In contrast, heat pump dryers use a closed-loop system to recycle air in the drum. This air is dehumidified, reheated, and reused, eliminating the need for venting and significantly reducing heat loss and energy waste. As a fact LG's heat pump dryers have DUAL Inverter Heat Pump technology. The innovative technology by LG ensures optimal performance of your dryer.


Unlock Perfection: Explore the Premier Features of LG Clothes Dryers

So, what innovative technologies in LG clothes dryers simplify life and create a better environment?


➤ LG ThinQ™ - The Smart Control Hub

LG ThinQ™, the smart control hub that gives customised control and peace of mind. With ThinQ™ technology, you can select a cycle suitable for various fabric types, remotely monitor your dryer, and manage energy consumption through the ThinQ™ app. It also allows for diagnosing and troubleshooting potential issues that may arise with the dryer.

*The LG ThinQ™ app is available on Android or iOS smartphones. A phone and home Wi-Fi data connection and product registration on the ThinQ™ app are necessary.


➤ LG DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ for Allergy Care

The LG DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ dryer is designed to meet your specific needs and protect the longevity of your garments. It features a unique 'Allergy Care' option that maintains an internal temperature of around 60℃ for two hours, effectively reducing dust mites that could trigger allergies or respiratory problems. Experience an improved quality of life with LG's commitment to protecting your family from common household allergens.


➤ LG’s Gentle Care Cycle for Delicate Clothes

The Gentle Care Cycle in our dryers thoughtfully caters to your garments' needs. It delicately dries fragile items, like wool, at lower temperatures, significantly reducing the risk of shrinkage and creasing. The DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ operates at a gentle 50-60℃, unlike traditional dryers with 70-80℃, reducing shrinkage even further. In fact, for some fabrics, the shrinkage is as minimal as natural drying. Choose these gentler cycles on your LG dryer to maintain your shape of your clothes and minimise wrinkles


*Please note that the shrinkage result may vary depending on the usage environment and fabric material.


➤ Exclusive Sensor Dry Technology

LG's Sensor Dry technology, including the Sensor Dry System with its two sensor bars, enhances your laundry routine by automatically adjusting drying time and temperature. These sensors monitor moisture levels and air temperature inside the drum, determining optimal drying time by detecting moisture on clothes. They adapt the drying conditions according to the selected program, effectively preventing over-drying and ensuring optimal fabric care with each cycle.

*The results may vary depending on actual environmental condition.


➤ Dual Lint Filters for Effective Cleanliness

LG clothes dryers come equipped with Dual Lint Filter technology. This feature effectively captures lint and other particles from your clothes, helping keep your dryer in top-notch condition after each cycle.


➤ Smart Pairing Via ThinQ app

Smart pairing automatically sets the dryer cycle based on the last wash cycle completed by the connected compatible washer. You can enable the function through the ThinQ app.


➤ Eco Hybrid for Energy Conservation

Eco Hybrid Technology gives an option - to either pick a dryer setting that conserves energy, or a setting that lessens drying time depending on your preferences and requirements.


➤ LG’s Plug n Play Function

Laundry without hassle is possible with the LG Dryer with Plug n Play functionality. This feature enables users to plug the dryer anywhere and start drying clothes. Compared to other dryers that require technical fittings and fixtures like a chimney setup, LG Dryers are swift and easy to use.


Using a dryer simplifies and freshens up your laundry routine. It allows for better garment care and reduces laundry time, so you can quickly have clean, dry clothes and spend your afternoon on other tasks.


• Transform your laundry experience with innovative LG's Clothes dryers today!