Wish to Get the Best Refrigerator for Your Home? Look out for These 4 Features

Wish to Get the Best Refrigerator for Your Home? Look out for These 4 Features


A refrigerator is an essential home appliance that is primarily used to keep your food fresh for a longer time. However, along with being a utility kitchen appliance, a refrigerator is also a style statement these days that adds to the aesthetics of not only one’s kitchen but living area too.


With the advancement in the technological sector, refrigerators have also been subjected to various innovations over the years. The modern features of refrigerator models include optimized refrigeration, better storage capacity, smart compressors, longer lives, economically friendly, and much more. 


In the vast sea of the best latest model refrigerators in India, choosing the best refrigerator for your kitchen can be a bit daunting. To navigate this sea of options, it is important to consider your needs. For instance, what do you need? Small or big refrigerator? Top-freezer or bottom freezer? Single door, double door or multi-door refrigerator? Read on to learn the features of the best refrigerator.



Features to Consider While Buying a Refrigerator

1. Capacity

The capacity of a refrigerator that is measured in litres should be decided according to the number of members in your family. This determines the number of products you will store in your refrigerator.

For instance, for a family of one couple and a child, a 150-250-litre refrigerator would be perfect. But one may also consider a bigger capacity considering the future requirement. Large families of six to seven people would require a big refrigerator with a capacity of 550 to 850 litres.

On the other hand, there is an option of buying a mini refrigerator that has a capacity of 40 to 100 litres which will be the best refrigerator choice if you live alone. So, considering the capacity is of the utmost importance when buying a refrigerator.

2. Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy ratings are the star ratings given to electrical appliances that signify their energy efficiency. The higher the ratings, the higher will be the energy efficiency. If you want to investigate it closely, look for the total units of electricity in kWh used by your appliance in a year.

A 1-star rated refrigerator will save you around Rs. 300, while a 5-star rated fridge will save up to Rs. 1800 per year.

3. Types of Refrigerators



Single Door Refrigerator: These refrigerators range from the capacity of 150 to 250 litres and are the most economical options available in the market. They may also serve you as your bedroom refrigerator.

Top Freezer Frost Free Refrigerator: These refrigerators have two doors; the upper compartment is reserved for freezer space, and the lower is built for regular use. They carry a capacity of 250 to 500 litres. The best double-door refrigerator uses less energy and is frost free in nature.

Side-by-side refrigerator: These are high-capacity refrigerators with freezer zone on the left and refrigerators on the right. The capacity range starts from 500L +. French Door Refrigerator: These are high-capacity refrigerators with a freezer zone at the bottom and a refrigerator on the top and has multiple doors to add to the user’s operational convenience. The capacity range starts from around 500L +.

4. Defrosting

All refrigerators need cool air circulation within their compartments. In direct cool options, the circulation happens through natural convection, i.e., without any external help. The disadvantage to this kind of defrosting is the uneven distribution of air, which leads to the formation of ice in the refrigerator.

The user needs to defrost their fridge manually on a regular basis. However, these refrigerators consume less energy and hence are economical. On the other hand, users do not need to deal with ice forming in frost-free refrigerators. The air circulation is even in these; however, they consume more electricity and are expensive. 



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