Seize the wonders of everyday life with the expertise of AI-enabled Triple rear Camera. Low Lights is no longer a barrier! Witness wide-angled professional grade shots with striking clarity even in the dark

Transcend into the virtual world with LG's FullVisionTM U Drop display. The infinite viewing space allows a delightful indulgence as the imagery explodes off the edges.

The power to customize notch display is at your service. This ultra-modern smartphone offers an option to modify the display into V notch, U notch or no notch!
Power of 3 Notch makes this smartphone an absolute winner.

Witness robust performance coupled with cutting-edge technology. The octa-core processor is well-equipped to optimise efficiency. Gliding swiftly through applications and seamless multitasking is no more obstacle.

A long-lasting battery of 4000mAh assures to keep the smartphone pumped up for all your tasks. Gone are the days when one had to worry about running out of battery. Now, your phone will charged for hours!
The 12nm fabrication of the processor enables adequate thermal management.

The exceptional phone unlock mechanisms like Face and Fingerprint recognition are now
quicker and much safer. It's a miracle that 128 identification points can now be processed in a time period of 0.3 seconds.

Connect to the world with the availability of VoLTE and ViLTE in both 4G-enabled SIM slots. HD voice and video calls enable faster and more convenient connections without the limits of distance and space.

The latest Android OS is tailored to adapt according to an individual's patterns and preferences. From accurate navigation to prompt processing of applications, this operating system is an expert in harnessing the true capabilities of AI.