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LG OLED TV Gallery Design

Gallery design

At one with your wall.

The LG OLED gallery design TVs has a profile so slim that it appears stuck to your wall. It hangs flush like a work of art, elevating your home interior like no other TV can.


*The cable may be visible depending on installation environment.
*Depending on installation environment, there may be a slight gap between the TV and the wall.
*A TV stand is NOT included with the LG OLED gallery design TV. As this model is designed to be wall-mounted, it includes a slim mount bracket. The TV stand can be purchased separately.
*The gallery design only applies to the G series and 77 (195.58CM) Z series.

LG OLED TV Gallery Mount Installation

Gallery mount installation

Easy to admire.
Easier to install.

The LG OLED gallery design TV isn't just incredibly beautiful, it’s incredibly easy to install. It can be mounted with a specially designed wall mount that hangs your TV flush to the wall. the TV cables can also be easily concealed so your setup looks neat and tidy.

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LG OLED TV Design Size & Color Variety

Size & Color variety

Artistry comes in different sizes and colors.

LG OLED TVs now come in more sizes and more colors to better match your home interior and your personal taste. Choose from six sizes ranging from 48 (121.92CM) to a massive 88 (223.52CM). And get them in dark steel silver for G1& C1, Dark Iron gray for B1 & Meteor Titan for A1.

*Check each model's detail page for size and color availability.

A TV with a stand displaying a close up of leaves is in a room with a table, a chair, plants, and frames on the wall. A TV with a stand displaying a scenery of the lake and mountains is in a living room with a table and sofas. A TV with a stand displaying a scenery of the sunset is in an antique building.

Gallery stand

A display of artistic freedom.

The gallery stand gives you the artistic license to place the gallery design TV wherever you want. Works of art don't just have to hang on the wall anymore, put your TV out in the open space and turn your home into a gallery. The gallery stand also comes with a companion bracket that lets you adjust the height to three levels and keep cables out of sight.

*The gallery stand can be used with: 65 (165.1CM)/55 (139.7CM)G1 GX, 65 (165.1CM)/55 (139.7CM)C1 CX, 65 (165.1CM)/55 (139.7CM)B1 BX, and 65 (165.1CM)/55 (139.7CM)A1.

LG OLED TV easy to mount

Easy to mount.
Easy to manage.

The gallery stand comes with a companion bracket and accessories that allow your TV to hold other small devices. The cable management system was specifically engineered to maintain the premium look and feel of an art gallery.

Art works displayed on a TV are keep changing. (play the video)

Gallery mode

Your personal art collection.

Turn your home into a gallery when you're not watching TV. Initiate Gallery Mode with a simple voice command to see your TV exhibit beautiful works of art and famous scenery from LG's image library, or even your own photos.

*Voice Command availability may vary by product and country.
*Hands-free control is supported on LG OLED Z1 and G1 models.

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G1 Soundbar

Made in perfect harmony.

The minimal yet powerful LG Soundbar G1 is designed to be the perfect match for the LG OLED G1. A combination of immersive sound and sleek design enhances your entertainment experience as well as your home's interior.


LG OLED TV G1 Soundbar

*Soundbar not included in LG OLED G1, can be purchased separately.
*The availability of Soundbar may vary by region.
*The GX Soundbar matches with 65 (165.1CM)G1. The G1 Soundbar matches with 55 (139.7CM)G1.

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