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App Store- App Downloading

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  • Last Updated 04/17/2015
TV- App Store- App Downloading


Downloading Apps from the LG App Store Website

Sign In

Before an app can be installed, you must first be signed into your App Store Account.

Sign into http://us/

Select the app to purchase. Use the button with the download symbol to begin the download process.

If there are any special requirements to use the app such as a magic motion remote or 3D TV, a message will pop-up to provide the information.

If the download is successful, a Transaction Complete message will appear.

Pressing OK will take the you to your Purchase History page. Pressing cancel will allow you to go back to the app store.

To locate the apps just purchased, log into the LG TV Apps account on the TV itself by using the RED button on the LG remote control from the HOME screen.

Installing Apps on the TV

Press the Home button on the LG TV remote

Select Setup

Choose Smart TV Settings

Select ID Management

Select Go to Account Settings on the ID associated with the purchased apps

Confirm the installation then wait for it to complete

If the app was installed successfully, a Installation is Complete message will appear.

To access the application, select Go to My Apps. To install more downloaded apps, select OK.

You can now enjoy the application once it has been installed on the TV.

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