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Facebook- Activating Account

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  • Last Updated 04/17/2015
TV- Facebook- Activating Account


Access the facebook application from the TV

Press the Home/Premium button on the LG Remote Control.

Find the Facebook application then press Enter.

A loading screen should appear then the sign-in screen will be displayed.

A computer and facebook account are necessary to proceed through the activation process.

Register your account online

You will need to create a new username and PIN to activate the facebook account on the TV as you cannot use the same username for account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to get started:


Follow the on-screen instructions once the website has been accessed. You must be logged into Facebook to proceed.

Enter the Email and Password associated with the Facebook account, then click Log In.

Click Log In again to proceed.

Grant permissions for the TV Facebook application. Permissions will be listed on the next screen.

Complete the activation process

Enter the Username and Pin that was just created in their respective fields.

Click 'OK' to register the ID.

The Facebook Home Page will be displayed once the account is activated.

To completely delete the Facebook Username and Pin, sign out of the facebook account from the TV. The TV will default back to the sign-in screen. From the Facebook sign-in screen, press the red button to delete any registered accounts.

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