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App Store- Creating Account

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  • Last Updated 04/17/2015
TV- APp Store- Crerating an Account


There are 2 ways to create an App Store account for the LG App Store and Smart TV:

Free Accounts: Used for those who prefer not to purchase any applications from the app store and intend only to use the free applications. LG will not be able to retrieve account information if this method is used. The customer will also not be able to reset the password if mis-placed or forgotten.

Paid Accounts: Used for those who prefer to purchase applications from the app store. The user has the option to register a credit card, or pay per purchase. Free accounts can be converted to paid accounts if desired. The User ID and Password will be required to do so.

Free User (Register from TV)

Access the Sign-In Screen

Press the Home button on the LG remote

Select the small RED button at the bottom of the LG remote

Agree to the Legal Notice prompt

Create a User Account

Enter a User ID with 6-12 Alpha-numeric characters.

Press Check ID to ensure the ID has not already been used.

Enter a password with 4-12 Alpha-numberic characters.

Press OK to proceed.

A success message will appear once registration is successful.

Signing Into the Account

Enter the User ID.

Enter the password.

Select Auto Sign In if you wish to have the account sign in automatically upon start-up.

Press OK to proceed.

Paid User (Register from PC)

A PC account does not require you to register a payment method however if you would like to purchase applications a payment method must be registered here.

Access the LG Website

Enter into the browser address bar and press enter/return on the keyboard.

Click the Sign Up option at the top of the page.

Select the Typer of User (General or Seller).

Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Enter all personal information requested.

A confirmation email will be sent. Check the email and select the Complete Registration button to proceed.

The App Store will indicate wether or not the email was verified successfully.

Click the Sign In button to proceed.

Registering a Payment Method

While signed in to the App Store account, click the My Page link.

Enter the password.

Click the Register Payment Method button to complete the registration process.

Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.


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