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App Store- App Is Not Working

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  • Last Updated 04/17/2015
TV- App Is Not Working


If the installed application is not working, several steps can be completed to attempt to correct the issue.

Application usage requirements

Some applications require the use of the Magic Motion remote or a 3D enabled TV. Make sure you are using the necessary items required in the description of the application.

Are other applications functioning properly?

If any other apps have been installed, check to see if they load and run properly.

If other apps have not been installed, try installing a free application as a test.

If the new application does not run properly, check a Premium application such as Netflix or YouTube to ensure a network connection. If the Premium app does not work, check your network connection and retry.

If the new application does run properly, the issue could lie with the App Store server itself. Wait a few hours to see if the application begins to function.

Note: If the application was a free application, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

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