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Headphone Audio

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  • Last Updated 07/20/2012
TV- Headphone Audio


Headphone jacks are available on most newer LG Televisions. If the television has a Headphone jack, it is usually located on the side connection panel of the device. Some older TVs that do not have a headphone jack and instead have red and white audio outputs.

Check the cable and input

The cable for the headphones should be connected securely into the Headphone jack.

Do not try to force the connection.

It should insert enough to click and should insert smoothly.

Take a can of compressed air and blow out the headphone port (you can also use your mouth to blow however a can of compressed air will provide the best results).

Rotating the headphone jack counter-clockwise for 3 complete turns, unplugging the jack, wiping it off and plugging it back in may also correct the issue.

Check the TV speakers

When headphones are connected, the TV speakers are disabled.

It is not possible for the TV speakers to produce sound when the headphone jack is connected.

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