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Dark or Dim Picture

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  • Last Updated 04/17/2015
TV- Dark/Dim Picture


This is often the cause of the Energy Saving feature or picture mode settings.

Check the Picture Mode

If the picture mode is set to Intelligent Sensor, the backlight of the television will adjust automatically based upon the surrounding lighting.

Accessing Picture Mode:

Take the LG remote and select the Home/Menu button

Select Setup/Settings (2011/2012 models)

Select Picture

Select Picture Mode

If Intelligent Sensor is selected but you wish to be under a different picture mode where this will not occur, select Vivid, Cinema, Game, Etc. from the Picture Mode list.

Disable the Energy Saving feature

If the Energy Saving feature is set to anything other than OFF, you will experience a dim/dark picture.

Manually adjust the Picture Settings

Access the Picture Menu

Navigate down to Brightness and adjust the setting to a desired level.

Note: If the picture mode has been adjusted to an undesired setting, use the Picture Reset function to reset the Picture settings to a factory level.

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