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I want to clean TV screen (stain and foreign object)

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  • Last Updated 06/25/2016

I want to clean TV screen (stain and foreign object)


Do you want to clean the screen?

How to fix

How to remove foreign objects and stain

-  When you clean the screen, unplug the power cord and wipe gently with a soft cloth in one direction.

If you wipe too strong, this might cause scratch or discoloration.

-  For handprints, breathe a screen and wipe them.

Do not spray or wipe with a wet cloth.

-  If you use a soft microfine cloth, there will be no scratch.

※ Never use polish, abradant, wax, benzene, or alcohol to clean.
     If you use chemical agents (
> acetone, benzene, alcohol, etc.), the product may be damaged.

 ② To prevent scratches

   - Use a soft cloth. (Refrain from using a rough cloth)

   - Comply with the cleaning rules written on the manual.

   - Be cautious when you hold key or your kids play with toys around TV

   - If you need to move the product, pack thoroughly to make sure it is safe.

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