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When should I use a wired connection?

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  • Last Updated 05/30/2015

When should I use a wired connection?



symptom Symptom

- When to use a wired connection 

- Applicable models: NP8340, NP8540, NP8740, NP8350, LAS650M, LAS750M, LAS950M



setup How to setup

- If a speaker is placed too far away from a router, at least one of the speakers or a Bridge(R1) needs to be hardwired to the router.

- After installing a speaker or Bridge(R1), install the remaining speakers.

- Additional speakers might need a reset before installation.

■ How to reset a speaker

Press and hold “ADD [ pic 1 ]” button until it beeps twice.

For sound bar, "RESET" is on the display window. 

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