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How can I customize LG G4 home screen?

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  • Last Updated 06/15/2015

How can I customize LG G4 home screen?




             Configure your phone's home screen settings.

                 Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons may differ from that of your device depending on your software version and wireless

                        service provider.

          1. Select Home

                 ① From the Home screen, tap Apps ICON > Settings ICON > Display tab > Home screen ICON

                 ② Tap Select Home and tap the desired Home screen launcher.


          2. Screen

                 ① From the Home screen, tap Apps ICON > Settings ICON > Display tab > Home screen ICON

                 ② Tap Theme to select a theme for your Home screen. You can select the LG theme or tap LG SmartWorld™ ICON to

                      download additional themes.
                      LG SmartWorld is a service that provides applications for LG mobile device users so they can enjoy an even smarter mobile life.

                      It also enables users to conveniently download various font packages, wallpapers, themes (keyboard, icons, etc.), and ringtones.

                 ③ Tap Wallpaper to select a wallpaper for your Home screen. You can select a wallpaper from the following places on your device:

                      - Wallpaper gallery - Contains a selection of pre-loaded wallpapers.

                      - Gallery - Select an image from your Gallery.

                      - Live Wallpapers - Contains a selection of interactive wallpaper.

                      - Multi-photo - Select multiple images from your Gallery.

                      - Photos - Select images from your Gallery.

                        Note: You can download additional Wallpapers using the LG SmartWorld ICON app.
                                   If you have LG SmartWorld already installed on your device, you will receive a notification to update the app the first time

                                   you open LG SmartWorld.

                                   Tap Yes to update now, and follow the prompts to register an account.                

                 ④ Tap Screen swipe effect to select the desired type of effect to display when you swipe from one Home screen canvas to the next.

                      You can select from the following:

                            - Slide

                      - Breeze

                      - Accordian

                      - Panorama

                      - Carousel

                      - Layer

                      - Domino

                 ⑤ Checkmark ICON Allow Home screen looping to loop back to the first screen when scrolling home screens.


If the problem is not resolved, please call  LG Support representative on 1800-180 -9999 (Toll Free)



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