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[G2] PC connections with a USB cable

  • Connectivity
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  • Mobile Accessories, Mobile Phones, Smart Watches
  • Last Updated 02/05/2016
PC connections with a USB cable




How to use PC connections with a USB cable


     Learn to connect your device to a PC with a USB cable in USB connection modes.

     Transferring music, photos and videos using the USB mass storage mode

     1  Connect your phone to a PC using a USB cable.

     2  If you haven't installed the LG Android Platform Driver on your PC, you will need to manually change the settings. Choose System settings > General tab > PC
         connection > Select USB connection method
, then select Media sync (MTP).

     3  You can now view the mass storage content on your PC and transfer the files.



     Synchronize with Windows Media Player

     Ensure that Windows Media Player is installed on your PC.

     1  Use the USB cable to connect the phone to a PC on which Windows Media Player has been installed.

     2  Select the Media sync (MTP) option. When connected, a pop-up window will appear on the PC.

     3  Open Windows Media Player to synchronize music files.

     4  Edit or enter your device’s name in the pop-up window (if necessary).

     5  Select and drag the music files you want to the sync list.

     6  Start synchronization.

     • The following requirements must be satisfied to synchronize with Windows Media Player.




     • If the Windows Media Player version is lower than 10, install version 10 or higher.



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