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What is LG CAM Plus?

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  • Last Updated 04/29/2016

CAM Plus

- Size (Height x Width x Thickness): 61.35 x 73.9 x 15.95 mm (Front length: 17.45 mm)
- Color: Silver
- Chipset: STM32F411
- Battery: 1,200 mAh
- Physical UI camera buttons (Camera On/Off, record button, shutter button, zoom in/zoom out)
- Connectivity: USB Type C (2.0)

* CAM Plus is a camera grip and extra battery unit mounted to the bottom of your mobile phone.

*  With CAM Plus, you can use G5 as a digital camera. Press the shutter button as you would on a normal camera to take photos. You can also zoom in and zoom out. The half-shutter feature can be used by lightly pressing the shutter button for added convenience.

*  The 1,200 mAh battery integrated into the CAM Plus module can be used to charge your mobile phone. After mounting the unit, press the camera's On/Off button or the shutter or record buttons. Your mobile phone will be charged for %d minutes using the CAM Plus battery.

    ① Camera on/off button: Pull to run the camera app/cancel
    ② Zoom in/out button: Turn to zoom in/out
    ③ Shutter button: Tap to focus and press to take photos
    ④ Record button: Press to take videos
    ⑤ Charge notification LED


·If your CAM Plus battery needs charging, a red LED notification is provided. Begin charging when the LED emits a blinking red light.
·If you charge your mobile phone with the CAM Plus mounted, G5 and CAM Plus will be charged simultaneously. CAM Plus will not operate as a camera grip (module).
·USB OTG devices will not be recognized when CAM Plus is connected.

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